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Australian 50s

To get things started here I like to voice my moan thats festered over the past few years and remembering Im not the brightest star on the tree Im sure theres a simple explanation its just that Ive missed it. Im sure this is an Australian problem so I have to say it may be isolated to our country, never-the-less Id like an explanation. As a nation we have the Australian Dollar as our currency the highest denomination is $A100 then 50 – 20 – 10 – 5 all notes. coinage we have $2 – 1 then 50 cents, 20 – 10 -5 and this we have accepted over the past few years since the withdrawal of the 1 and 2 cent pieces which indeed accumulated and became a burden on the pocket/purse etc.

However the adjustment to the currency by the withdrawal of the minimal coins was I suppose to make it easier for everyone making purchases where the total ended at 97 – 98 – 99 cents etc. But whose conning who? prices are still organised so the end result is 97 – 98 – 99 cents the difference now is you dont get any change. The cash register shows $A9. 97cents but they take $A10 and in amongst that there is the added GST (somewhere) the tax we weere never going to have according to our soon to depart Prime Minister. So thats one situation that you can apply to the general stores and supermarkets then we move on to petrol/gas/service staions call them what title you like they have fractional prices they decimalise the single cent, now remember Im not bright, but how smart is the guy that thought that one up. So my question is where does this non exitant no change given money go? Who actually ends up with it? the treasurer? God Bless Him, or the retailer or the poor struggling oil companies.

Some basic sums very basic and somewhat vague in my esstimations. 2000 customers pass through a supermarket in any given day and pay the invisible one cent o a purchase, thats a mere $20thats the bottom line and 3 cents is $60 not much to get too upset about I spose (unless you think like I do) so how many supermarkets and corner shops and markets are there? 1000 maybe 10.000 so what we got now 60.000 to 600.000 a day? not bad pickings Oh I forgot, then theres the petrol/gas/services staions too. Whatever is happenening to that money in these days of accountability we should know where it goes and whats done with it. How many hospitals would it run or wages for more police, nurses whoever/whatever if youre going to rob us tell us what your doing with the money, is this the treasurers future fund that he doesnt want to spend on ordinary Australians, lets have some answers.

Finally in the USA they still use the penny or one cent in their currency this allows the consumer to their correct change from their purchases even tho there is evidence of its worthlessness on the sidewalks as nobody will pick them up. At the least you still have it and it ensures you get the correct change, there is talk of its withdrawal but dont be fooled that everything will be rounded off at a dime nickel or a quarter coz it just WONT HAPPEN

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This site is solely for the purpose to let you get things off your chest. When you want to scream and holler and hoot and there seems to be nobody there to listen to you while you moan and groan well its changed, here you can, and many will listen to you Im sure. Some will sympathise others will tell you to get a life but its yours to say so SAY IT. Once this site is up and running and in full swing those people responsible for making our lives a misery by enforcing stupid rules and regulations and tie us up in red tape then smothering us with bulldust will be able to read what we think of them. This is not a site to air you opinions about your neighbour and/or be vindictive towards anyone you may dislike for personal reasons. I want you to legitimately air your grievances about events and occurances that make your everyday life difficult to understand and ask yourself WHY ME. What did I do to deserve this. There are many categories to choose from I have listed as many as I can think of that over the years Ive had something to moan about with some of them. Quite understandably they have had a few things to say about me also but that goes with the territory. This is a site for everyone wherever/whoever you are no matter what country you live in if politicians are running the show and at times it sure seems like a show or circus then you have problems. So basically this is the place to come and have your say to moan groan whine or whinge about issues, events and discontents in your life past and present. SO GO FOR IT. My next blog will be a starter thats bothered me over the past few years just to get the ball rolling.