The beginning of getting it off your chest…………Have your say

Angry baby

This site is solely for the purpose to let you get things off your chest. When you want to scream and holler and hoot and there seems to be nobody there to listen to you while you moan and groan well its changed, here you can, and many will listen to you Im sure. Some will sympathise others will tell you to get a life but its yours to say so SAY IT. Once this site is up and running and in full swing those people responsible for making our lives a misery by enforcing stupid rules and regulations and tie us up in red tape then smothering us with bulldust will be able to read what we think of them. This is not a site to air you opinions about your neighbour and/or be vindictive towards anyone you may dislike for personal reasons. I want you to legitimately air your grievances about events and occurances that make your everyday life difficult to understand and ask yourself WHY ME. What did I do to deserve this. There are many categories to choose from I have listed as many as I can think of that over the years Ive had something to moan about with some of them. Quite understandably they have had a few things to say about me also but that goes with the territory. This is a site for everyone wherever/whoever you are no matter what country you live in if politicians are running the show and at times it sure seems like a show or circus then you have problems. So basically this is the place to come and have your say to moan groan whine or whinge about issues, events and discontents in your life past and present. SO GO FOR IT. My next blog will be a starter thats bothered me over the past few years just to get the ball rolling.


6 thoughts on “The beginning of getting it off your chest…………Have your say

  1. Calling on behalf of all War Veterans and Pensioners, remember how we fought and died for Queen and country to build a great Australia for our kids. As we have grown older we have grown wiser, and see the con jobs the Politicians have been pulling for yrs, pay peanuts and you get monkeys, so we gave them coconuts and all we got was bigger monkey’s.
    Using the Vets and Pensioners money for their hidden perks and life style. In any other type of employment you must have a license, Police check, proof of existence, experience or health check, except of course if you go into Politics which explains a lot about politicians, as you can be as mad as a hatter without having to have a mental or emotional stability examination to see if your fit enough to run a bloody car, let alone run a country. (Take Hitler, Mugabe, Idi Armin, Bush and his mates for i.e.)

    Just take a few moments to reflect on every day life of yesteryear, and how it is today. Today we have Pollies with even greater adolescent minds and bizarre sexual behavior Federal and State; they have allowed foreign countries to take over our Industries, getting a pittance in return in royalties, they throw millions of dollars in aid to other countries and sporting venues, suck up to large corporatism and don’t turn a hair as the farmers rivers run dry, hospitals unable to cope thro lack of bed space etc and killing someone is a six month sentence at a holiday resort.

    We have to fight again, this time for our grandchildren. They must learn old-fashioned values like self-respect, pride, courtesy, honesty and commonsense. I think the answer lies in the next elections both Fed and State, don’t vote for either Major Party, vote only for the minor parties and Independents that do not have a preference vote, or better yet vote Pauline Hanson. That would really put the frighteners on them. Its sad to realize that a great country like Australia has rapidly become a clone of the poor mans America, where drugs, booze and graffiti is the norm. So cut the crap and call a spade a spade like we did in the old days, and tell an officer exactly where to shove his brass rings; that Australia doesn’t exist anymore so lets not kid ourselves that it does, as its all sooo politically incorrect.

  2. I would say in all honesty that this is probably one of the best sites on the entire net devoted only to the idiot’s out there who have the audacity to call themselves Politicians and leaders of men, there is no bullshit political correctness to observe, you can say it like it is and call a spade a spade not a shovel, for fear of upsetting some racial or religious fanatic. So I don’t think too many delicate Polly eye’s will want to visit this site unfortunately as like many people today, they don’t like, and can’t handle the truth.

  3. There are people out there that cant keep their mouth’s shut about anything! There’s this person who will talk about anybody behind their back, and admit to it. But how would she feel if I did that to her?!

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