Track Down The Joker


A picture is worth a thousand words said somebody. Well this one is worth thousands perhaps millions of dollars if it what it represents could ever be implemented. This sign is on some posts at intersections in the New York area of Rego Park and probably other places to for all I know. But I ask you really, how do you enforce such a ridiculous law or regulation or whatever it is. Do the police lay in waiting for the dreaded honkers and if there are four cars at the junction how do they identify who honked. Lets face it we often use the term beaurocracy gone mad and of course this is the case in this stupid situation, but lets look deeper into it. Who is/was the person responsible for having the signs produced and erected also what was the cost of the folly. Furthermore is there a report that shows how much revenue has ever been collected for the purpose of inclusion into future budget expenses as revenue available for projects ahead. I doubt it, what a waste of time and money and the mind boggles at the thought of a car honker spy lying in wait for an unsuspecting honker to press his car horn when frustrated or just plain impatient because of the car ahead. Is there anyone likely to own up as the instigator of this stupid sign, I have just been told it would have come from the traffic department so I guess that says it all, just look at the mess the traffic is in, everyone is a law unto themselves and honk their brains out (perhaps brains isnt the correct word), cyclists dont have to obey traffic lights or if they do they dont bother to but nobody does anything to bring them in line with the rest of the road users they just flaunt the law and dice with death. So Mr Backstreet honker sleuth I suggest you do something useful for your wages and enter the 21st century with us unhappy frustrated impatient horn honkers.Toot Toot.



As Ive said in the past Im not a resident of the US but I am a commuter to the city fairly regularly using the subway and just recently by bus. So its with some thought and observations I will enter my opinion on the proposed MTA price rise which is evidently expected to occur in the near or distant future. $2 gets me around quite well without much fuss and bother, in other countries fares are usually set by the distances travelled, the further you go the more you pay and the quality of the trip isnt any better from memory than the subway here. Except for Taiwan. Here your subway is a means to travel from points in all directions to your workplace or entertainment destinations it is also a vehicle for eating your breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks etc depending on the time of day you travel. But incredibly its a vehicle for you to dispose of the wrappers and plastic bottles on the floor or the seats for someone to clean up at some time after you have departed. Bottles rolling around the floor is a common site and burger wrappers and containers that held fries are the norm to leave behind. So my guess is the MTA have to employ a virtual army of people to clean these trains and at an enormous overall cost in wages etc. I admit there are no recepticles made available for disposing of rubbish in the train carriages but I guess thats another story for another time should they ever be installed. So has anyone at the MTA’s seat of power cross referenced the increase needed to maintain the present standard of service if commuters were educated to not act like slobs and didnt turn the trains into mobile garbage containers. I know the cries will go up about people losing their jobs but really they only have a job because Mr/Mrs/Ms Average are not very clean and tidy people and think that patronising the MTA gives them licence to be slobs. I did mention Taiwan earlier, I have travelled their subway and its the opposite to the New York subway, it is clean, and tidy and a pleasure to ride, notices at entries to the subway platforms inform you that no food or drink is to pass beyond that given point. The trains are clean and theres no sign of rubbish so it can be done its just a matter of self discipline and personal hygiene and thinking of others. So why cant we be like that, they are no better than we are. What do you think?


Microsoft VISTA……….. He’s Got Me Again

Thanks Bill, you got me again, another 100 bux gee I bet you sleep well of a night thinking of all the wonderful things youve done and all the suckers like me that help pay for it. I bought a webcam, about a $100 It was supose to be the bee’s knees all the bells and whistles on it new and late edition. Ha bloody Ha after fiddling with the piece of crap for 3 weeks decided to run the disc again. Sure enough I need XP for this gadget to operate properly, but it works after a fashion to the extent that I thought it was my fault it was not performing properly. Why dont microsoft tell stores to keep new products separate for new systems so we dont get taken on. Most floor staff in these big stores dont have a clue about the products they sell wouldnt it be obvious to blind Freddie evejn that as all new systems have VISTA whether you like it or not that all its periferals and gadgets relating to the heap of crap be kept with it. But at the end of the day its my own fault Im the stupid idiot for not taking that bit of extra care. But one thing Ive leaned and thats why its all called MICROSOFT because all the wording and instuction on the packets are in microprint and hard to read and Im soft in the bloody head for trusting them. Billy boy you should be flogged with a stocking full of goatshit. Thanks for nothing

TV Advertising and Fuel Pricing

Firstly I have to say I am not an avid watcher of television in Australia and rarely if ever watch a commercial channel. Thus saying that I do point out that I do understand that there are people who do watch and like commercial television and all its content.  So perhaps my moan is aimed at a very sparse group of people who, like me dont care for it. One of my objections is the use of children to promote and pretend to know what they are talking about when they are explaining to us some very technical aspect of a product. I can only muster contempt for the advertisers but Im sure the mioney comes in handy to the parents. But one advert that actually I regard as an insult to anyone intelligence is one by the car manufacturer Toyota that goes to great lengths to show a couple, a male and female discussing what they will do with all the money they are going to save by buying a particular vehicle that does “X” miles to the gallon and how they intend to spend this wonderful  new windfall of wealth. Does any of tjhis manufacturers market machine ever check fuel prices and I will rough quote in US  dollars per gallon (UK and Australia  use litres) here in the US more than $3 in the UK $8 and in Australia more than $4 and these prices change daily, in Australia they can change 3 times a day so Mr Toyota dont treat us like mushrooms and try and keep us in the dark and feed us Bullshit during programmes just tell those that are interested the price of the vehicle and cut the crap……………… Thats all


For those of you who might have been interested in the computer fiasco with Dell the outcome so far is a new motherboard and video card has been fitted but the computer is still not operating due to the fact as I mentioned at the first call to Dell I thought it was the power supply and bingo thats what is burnt out but they didnt think to send one. So someone has to com back and refit a new power supply.   What efficiency.


Outsourcing what a loverly word was once termed as “farming it out” but that was before the yuppie era. So what does it mean.  Well to the best of my knowledge it means that if a company or corporation has to deal with a particular range of complaints and enquiries it arranges for someone else outside of that company or corporation to deal with it regardless of their geographical location. Because its cheaper,  so banks and computer companies and many others I suspect find this very convienient and quite lucrative to say the least. So this being the way of the world today all would seem fine in their eyes as it would seem everyone is being looked after………… Ha Ha  what a joke……………. One would have to admit that there is usually someone there to take the call from  you but actually understanding what your talking about seems to be another thing. I must point out this time that I am a English born Australian and have a dialect of cockney mixed with aussie come what ever and its true to say that right now as a visitor to the USA after anything I say the first reply is “Eh” or “What was that” or turn to the next person and say “what’d he say” the fact is we dont tune in to other peoples accents or dialects automatically especially if they are from another country. That being said if I have a problem with my bank and call the neccessary number to deal with the problem, because usually banks are our local means of saving money or doing business etc. So after explaining my problem, this guy in MUMBAI (I live in West Australia but never mind, close enough) asks me to repeat the problem more than once and after a lot of going nowhere you say forget it Il go to the bank tomorrow myself.  But what if you have a computer problem and this a recent event thats happened to a very close friend of mine, having bought a Dell computer and paying $400 for an insurance against failing parts and after sales support and repairs the computer failed to operate when it was switched on so on the phone to fix it number. Ok.  Whats wrong with it he asked, dont know, well open up the computer which on a Dell is easy and check this and that. Now try it. No good still dont work. OK remove clip and remove video card. Hang on, Barlies as we say, whats all this crap, $400 for a DIY exercise in computer repairs telling people to put their hands in the guts of the computer and not telling them to make sure its turned off. So anyway the short story is after the video got jammed and with neither come out or go back in Dell decides to get in touch with an out-sourser who will come and bring a motherboard and video card and install them. Now as  the initial problem was never discovered and located whats the guarrantee that thats going to fix it. It might be the power supply or anything but this guy is going to show up with the two items but thats not all, he is not a troubleshooter so if they dont fix the problem youre back where you started from. Then you start all over again. BULLSHIT If a company sells you something and take money for insurance then they should ensure satisfaction and this roundabout and swings attitude to consumers problems stinks because its false advertising to give you the feeling that you are ensured of after sales service and furthermore bloody dangerous when telling someone to mess with electrical equipment……………….. Get on with that.

When SORROW overtakes everything

When everything we see as important in our lives and me in particular find time to have my say on things I find upsetting to me and I think Im moaning for others. In safety I can have my say and be allowed to voice my opinion but  I have to stop and think and say something about those who are out there trying to preserve law and order on our behalf. Two young policemen doing their job trying to apprehend the occupants of a stolen vehicle. The viciousness of the crime against them is an outrage to everyone every straight thinking person wants those criminals that shot those two policemen apprehended and given the full punishment the law allows. Those people responsible for this vicious crime can never have given any thought to the many people that their vile deed has affected, the families, friends and the whole community that those policemen were working for and out there protecting. If prayers will restore the health of those two brave policemen then there will be no shortage I know.  Hopefully they will make a full recovery they have the thoughts and prayers of everyone Im sure.

Baseball the wonderful game

As I have stated Im Australian and baseball is not our national game but it is increasing in interest in leaps and bounds and as a convert I love to watch it and enjoy it.

So I dont really think it is much to ask for once having purchased a ticket  to be allowed to watch it. But thats not so, if you end up with seats on either far side behind the umpire ones view of the batting/pitching area becomes greatly diminished. I dont know if this applies to all stadiums but certainly the stadium at Coney Island the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones. So what is the reason for this you may well ask, well booze and food/drinks etc are the  reason.  Now its impossible to stop either of those activities occuring as it is part and parcel to some folks afternoon/evening out and the fun and enjoyment for the kids. .  Now there are areas that are designated at stadiums in Australia for the drinker, you want to drink thats where you go, on Saturday at the game against the Jammers  everytime the guy with a beer box balanced on his head came up and down the steps  the people wanting a beer  he and his clients blocked all visual access to the game. I dont think thats fair they should have the sole seating aside in those outside areas for them alone. Hardly anyone around us seemed to occupy a seat for more than 10 minutes at a time. When the Jammers were five home runs ahead and all seemed lost for the cyclones I spose that was enough to drive a local to drink but their champions got stuck in and reversed the score line in a very thrilling and exciting way. Its a pity I couldnt see much of it because the isles were blocked by people coming and going and buying beer. Thats it …………….thats all…………..I think its a genuine complaint and one that should be and could be easily addressed. Was a good game and congratulations to the Brooklyn Cyclones and thanks for the ball plus I bought a cap it has my initials on it.