microsoft vista SUX


After purchasing a new laptop computer and not having the option as to what operating system I want, I have to say that the system Ive been given is not up to my expectation. In fact to be truthfull is a load of CRAP. Thank you Mr Gates, your worldly good deeds dont go unnoticed and greatly appreciated by the recipients but this…….this, if this is a good deed for us computer users then its one you should have kept to yourself for many reasons, too many to be listed in my opinion, its a dissapointment to say the least. Programmes ive downloaded on XP wont download on vista so what do I do go out and buy new ones? More money for you. What a joke. There was nothing wrong with XP so if it was nt broke why do you have to fix it with this shambles called VISTA. Give us a choice or make evrything compatable so we can limit further expence.


11 thoughts on “microsoft vista SUX

  1. I too agree. I know exactly 12 people who either just got vista or used to have it. EXACTLY 100% of them hate it, 2 of ’em i installed XP myself. Its so bad, the box is like a black hole that sucks up everything fun and good, like daffy duck, where they are ripped apart by a thousand rusty meat hooks. Yeah, Vista is so bad, it killed daffy duck. (kudos to Mr Green for that bit)

  2. Exactly! I will never go to Vista.

    It’s bad enough my XP thinks I’m a stranger who shouldn’t have file permissions! Now I get Access Denied constantly!

    “If you’re not looking for great features…”

    LOLOLOLOL!! Vista does suck.

    And did you hear? Microsoft slapped with a $613mfine. What a Joke! Can’t he afford more?

  3. Just to break the ice,

    Vista works fantastic for me. It is fast, looks great and every single one of my apps works the same or better.

    I don’t see why so many people have a problem with Vista – I think it’s great!

  4. I run mainly linux or mac. One of my machines is XP which I use sometimes. I had a Vista machine in my office but we never turned it on at work because it was the slowest machine out of all of them and no one could be bothered waiting for it. I ended up taking it to bits and using the parts.

  5. Note: if Vista is OK why are there SOOOOO many forums on which people are moaning about it?
    For me, I agree completely with everything here. I had a laptop running XP – everything was fine, but when the laptop kicked the proverbial bucket, I had to replace it with something. I got an Acer desktop, which has what looks like a good spec, and should be fine. Hah! Whan it comes to multi-tasking, I’ve taught 6-year olds that perform better! (Teacher joke, sorry…) If I’m doing something like burning a DVD, I can’t even play solitaire smoothly at the same time!
    Well, maybe it’s the hardware, but I suspect it’s the OS – I have stuff running that I can’t seem to stop… Windows update doesn’t work… None of my old XP software (especially games – some of them MS stuff like CSF flight sim) will load or work. Vista? Bloody load of rubbish. If you bought a car that had a crummy engine that kept breaking down, would you buy another of the same make? No. But it’s worse than that – it’s as if EVERY car made had the SAME crummy engine, and if you wanted transport, you just didn’t have a choice! I’ve shelled out 500 quid for a computer, and all I can do with it is surf the net, email, burn CDs and DVDs and play solitaire (but not at the same time).
    Bloody hell – my old Commodore Amiga was better then this – at least I didn’t have to restart it every half hour.

    Sodding fed up with sodding Microsoddingsoft.


  6. So…

    Bill Gates is on his deathbead – having an out-of-body experience. An angel appears unto him, and says, “Sorry, chuck – we’re not ready for you yet. Tell you what – how about we give you a free trial of the alternatives?”
    Well, Gates is happy about this, so off he goes with the angel, to inspect Heaven first. He arrives to see all the chosen souls lolling about on clouds, playing harps, listening to sermons etc etc, and Gates is a bit under-impressed. “S’a bit boring, innit?” he says. “Let’s have a butchers at the other place.” (Bet you never knew BG was a cockney….?)
    So down they go. Arriving in Hell, Gates finds it quite a different place. Bunny girls flit from sun-bed to sauna to hot tub, carrying trays of cocktails. Movies play on 180 degree screens, while beautifully-rendered music plays from massive speakers. “Terrific! This is the place for me!” says Bill.
    Eventually, the tycoon snuffs it. According to his wishes, down he goes. When he arrives, however, he sees the traditional demons with pointy sticks, burning sulphur, screams and moaning souls etc etc.
    “Here,” says BG. “This isn’t what I signed up for!”
    “Ah…..” says the accompanying angel. “What you saw before was the beta version. There have been a few revisions in the final product……”

    If only!


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