When SORROW overtakes everything

When everything we see as important in our lives and me in particular find time to have my say on things I find upsetting to me and I think Im moaning for others. In safety I can have my say and be allowed to voice my opinion but  I have to stop and think and say something about those who are out there trying to preserve law and order on our behalf. Two young policemen doing their job trying to apprehend the occupants of a stolen vehicle. The viciousness of the crime against them is an outrage to everyone every straight thinking person wants those criminals that shot those two policemen apprehended and given the full punishment the law allows. Those people responsible for this vicious crime can never have given any thought to the many people that their vile deed has affected, the families, friends and the whole community that those policemen were working for and out there protecting. If prayers will restore the health of those two brave policemen then there will be no shortage I know.  Hopefully they will make a full recovery they have the thoughts and prayers of everyone Im sure.


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