For those of you who might have been interested in the computer fiasco with Dell the outcome so far is a new motherboard and video card has been fitted but the computer is still not operating due to the fact as I mentioned at the first call to Dell I thought it was the power supply and bingo thats what is burnt out but they didnt think to send one. So someone has to com back and refit a new power supply.   What efficiency.


One thought on “Re-Outsourcing

  1. 168 Angry People, and I’m the first comment! Sweet!

    I’m sure they’re sending a new power source to the contractor. But since it’s Dell, it’ll probably ship from India, go through all of Europe, make a pit stop in Canada, and THEN the contractor should have the Power Source ready to repair the computer…

    Funny though… The package would go through so many countries, all in just one night… How does Dell do it!? The world will never know…

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