TV Advertising and Fuel Pricing

Firstly I have to say I am not an avid watcher of television in Australia and rarely if ever watch a commercial channel. Thus saying that I do point out that I do understand that there are people who do watch and like commercial television and all its content.  So perhaps my moan is aimed at a very sparse group of people who, like me dont care for it. One of my objections is the use of children to promote and pretend to know what they are talking about when they are explaining to us some very technical aspect of a product. I can only muster contempt for the advertisers but Im sure the mioney comes in handy to the parents. But one advert that actually I regard as an insult to anyone intelligence is one by the car manufacturer Toyota that goes to great lengths to show a couple, a male and female discussing what they will do with all the money they are going to save by buying a particular vehicle that does “X” miles to the gallon and how they intend to spend this wonderful  new windfall of wealth. Does any of tjhis manufacturers market machine ever check fuel prices and I will rough quote in US  dollars per gallon (UK and Australia  use litres) here in the US more than $3 in the UK $8 and in Australia more than $4 and these prices change daily, in Australia they can change 3 times a day so Mr Toyota dont treat us like mushrooms and try and keep us in the dark and feed us Bullshit during programmes just tell those that are interested the price of the vehicle and cut the crap……………… Thats all


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