Go the Mets….and take the television station with you

Go the Mets and I got tickets  Mets V the Dodgers, they were won in a raffle with seating behind the plate and close up in a box with access to the clubhouse for lunch, just what the doctor ordered for this Aussie, a great day out.  That is until we got there and as things did not seen right, I went to the office and asked when everything was going to open up, just remember I was not alone there, there was others and still more arriving by train for this event.  I was told the game had been put back from 1.10pm to 8pm in the evening and that was not possible for me to go at that time so that was that for me. The guy in the office told me all attempts to let people know had been tried, but Im still only a visitor and didnt know and neither did the other people arriving for the game presumably they were not all visitors with american accents. The official at the office door told me when I asked why it had been put back said it was because a certain TV station had the rights of broadcast and it had to be in the evening. His words were ” its all about money not you”, that made me feel real good and the people with me wont be going again and the TV station can rot in hell as far as I am concerned. So, not happy all atempts tried to give the tickets away failed I spose I can keep them as a rememberance to the event that I never saw. Very dissapointed and as for the Mets marketing team youre a shambles you couldnt organise a bunk up in a brothel.

Coles and Woolies push out independants


One doesnt have to go into the pros and cons of the inquiry and try and make any sense of the bullshit being kicked around, if Coles and Woolies and anyone else come to that are genuine about discounts on petrol, which of course is just crap, why is it they dont offer the discount at the checkout of four cents in the dollar to the non car owner for the goods they have just purchased. Wouldnt that make a balanced situation, its called a choice They, plus the inflated prices of the goods on the shelves are the real discounters that are propping up the greedy scheme. If either of you are genuine about discounts then offer it as a choice at the checkout and not at another of your retail outlets thats selling a product at already inflated prices loaded by the oil companies. GET REAL AND LIVE UP TO THE CRAP ADVERTISING YOU THROW OUT ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE………………………sure,some help robbing their wallets and purses.

Pets without control

No matter what country you live in the the family pet is a part of life that is enjoyed by everyone and has a certain bonding in most cases with its owners. However pets are given as gifts by people out side of families to children for christmas,  birthdays etc that are not always what the recipients want. Pets in pets shops always look wonderful and cuddly (birds and rodents excluded I think) but mainly puppies and kittens. Sadly when the novelty wears off which in many cases it does the unwanted pet becomes a nuisance for varied reasons. Having been untrained becomes in in a lot of cases messy and stinky and its not the pets fault. So this blog is for those people thinking of buying a pet for someone with all good intent , to give thought to the unwanted dumped animal. A movie star of a past era Doris Day works hard to save and give unwanted pets a new home and never has them put down when they get disgarded by their owners. The URL Ive posted with this site is well worth viewing to see and hear of the good work shes doing. Please take the time to view it if you are considering buying a pet as a gift for someone else………Thank you


Well I can certainly understand the frustrations of travellers on this system and the abhorance to a rise in the cost of a ticket, I for one as an overseas visitor and traveller around the state have cause to tate luggage with me and at times a lot of it. Thats my own choice of course but in my case I do try to think ahead when I know where I am going or where I am coming from. To or from Penn station JFK airport whatever, so I have a rough idea where things are like elevators escalators etc. So after a trip to Rochester for its Park Avenue Festival I was returning to New york by Jet Blue which was a good flight and then the Air Train also first class andd then Jamaica Station FULL STOP. NO ESCALATOR going down thats is. Now I know things break down and or power problems arise but its downright disgusting for the traveller to encounter a problem like this when there is no visible sign of anyone trying to rectify the problem, thats if there was one at all. Who knows? Were they saving power maybe they didnt think it was needed to have it working, I bought a ticket to travel on the MTA and factored into the cost of that ticket is the cost of maintainance so is it too much to expect a sign telling travellers what the problem is or maybe having some personnel on hand to assist the elderly with their luggage down the stairs. There are countless flights arriving and departing JFK daily, a modern remote rail system in the Air Train ultimately to encourage travellers to use it thus using the MTA subway system. It beggars belief that in this city where I assume the brains of the MTA actually operate to disguss and co-ordinate its present and future operations that nobody there thinks its neccessary to co-ordinate all these operations between Trains planes and the subway and make sure the neccessary facilities are operation to its fullest. I will think very hard in future as to whether I use that system again Im over 70 and reasonably fit but Im not bloody samson. A BLACK MARK IN MY BOOK FOR THE MTA.

The Pizza

Well here is a strange sort of moan brought on by a recent experience that was intended to be a meal for three people. A pizza bought by a lady that was being kind to three people that was doing some work for her. Oh also some chicken wings, I dont usually complain about bad food especially from a take away or take out as you americans say my belief is you get what you deseve from them. But when it makes me sick then I think I have a right to voice my opiniont The pizza was evidently a ckicken alfredo or something with a weird name and looked like a circle of dough with white blotches on it, that was the chicken. At first taste I was supicious but thought it something new, after half of the second slice I thought it wise to quit. Then I ate three chicken wings thats were so greasy and fatty had to be abandoned also. We three agreed it was the worst meal we had ever endured but didnt like to tell the lady that bought it with the best of intentions. So PAPAJOHNS of Rochester you get my horrible food award and would never eat or accept anything that comes from you kitchens ever who ever buys it.. I was violently ill with the most agonising stomach pains, and the time spent in the bathroom/toilet was my only relief . So my good pizza makers you know what you can do with your chicken alfredo and your chicken wings dont you and I hope it makes your back end feel like mine did.