The Pizza

Well here is a strange sort of moan brought on by a recent experience that was intended to be a meal for three people. A pizza bought by a lady that was being kind to three people that was doing some work for her. Oh also some chicken wings, I dont usually complain about bad food especially from a take away or take out as you americans say my belief is you get what you deseve from them. But when it makes me sick then I think I have a right to voice my opiniont The pizza was evidently a ckicken alfredo or something with a weird name and looked like a circle of dough with white blotches on it, that was the chicken. At first taste I was supicious but thought it something new, after half of the second slice I thought it wise to quit. Then I ate three chicken wings thats were so greasy and fatty had to be abandoned also. We three agreed it was the worst meal we had ever endured but didnt like to tell the lady that bought it with the best of intentions. So PAPAJOHNS of Rochester you get my horrible food award and would never eat or accept anything that comes from you kitchens ever who ever buys it.. I was violently ill with the most agonising stomach pains, and the time spent in the bathroom/toilet was my only relief . So my good pizza makers you know what you can do with your chicken alfredo and your chicken wings dont you and I hope it makes your back end feel like mine did.


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