Go the Mets….and take the television station with you

Go the Mets and I got tickets  Mets V the Dodgers, they were won in a raffle with seating behind the plate and close up in a box with access to the clubhouse for lunch, just what the doctor ordered for this Aussie, a great day out.  That is until we got there and as things did not seen right, I went to the office and asked when everything was going to open up, just remember I was not alone there, there was others and still more arriving by train for this event.  I was told the game had been put back from 1.10pm to 8pm in the evening and that was not possible for me to go at that time so that was that for me. The guy in the office told me all attempts to let people know had been tried, but Im still only a visitor and didnt know and neither did the other people arriving for the game presumably they were not all visitors with american accents. The official at the office door told me when I asked why it had been put back said it was because a certain TV station had the rights of broadcast and it had to be in the evening. His words were ” its all about money not you”, that made me feel real good and the people with me wont be going again and the TV station can rot in hell as far as I am concerned. So, not happy all atempts tried to give the tickets away failed I spose I can keep them as a rememberance to the event that I never saw. Very dissapointed and as for the Mets marketing team youre a shambles you couldnt organise a bunk up in a brothel.


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