“Microsoft Vista” the new word for “A Total Balls Up”

Well Billy boy keeping up with the joke you call “Vista” the new wonder system heres and the Gatesway to driving us mad something else Ive discovered that was so so bloody unnecessary and just another piece of crap from your programmers useless minds. In the past we have had in the control panel information to Add Hardware and Add and Remove programmes which was and is quite a simple task to understand because it is self explanatry. But not now, Oh No that was far too easy, just highlight and click uninstall how simple can it get even a 70 year old could do it like me. So now the wonderboy and his idots have changed that to “Programmes and Features” that explains a lot doesnt it, after having this junk system thrust on us we have to adapt and learn new terms to make this crap look good and more efficient. No doubt as I flounder through this heap when I need to do something I did with ease before I will find more of the numbnuts efficiency to moan about and I intend to do just that, becausc who knows what these halfwits have in store for us in the future in the name of improvement, they are a disgrace. Take care.

Take Out/away – Fast Foods Whatever

Ive been putting off doing a blog on this subject for sometime now, mainly because I do not actually drive through a “Fast Food ” outlet myself. However friends I stay with do use the service thats provided by these places of food mutilation. Now I know there is a vast difference between a resturant or cafe, diner etc but surely one must assume that “Food” is food and a=it all starts out the same. I know there are different quality of the vartieties that are for sale in its uncooked state and the prices Im sure reflect that to the purchaser who then goes on to cook it and provide for the public in whatever way his business is set up. There are good resturants and good diners and cafes etc and we pay accordingly to its structure and accept that. So put that behind us and get back to the food in the beginning and now its arrived at the “Fast Food” outlet, what on earth do they do to it, there are pretty girls with name tags and young people with tags stating their position in the place and so on. A kind of hierarchy so to speak. But do they have a cook or a chef or someone who actually knows what to do with the food and how to cook it properly, I dont think so, in fact I think anyone there can cook it as long as he/she has a sense of smell to tell whether its burnt or not. The people I stay with have bought me “food” from McDonalds and I am sorry to say for me and for them its bloody awful. There is no way in this world that anyone would put his/her hand up and claim resposibility for preparing what I ate. Yes foolishly I ate it, on three occassions because I didnt want to offend my friends who bought it. Its a wonder food, the taste stays with you for two days thus helping to stave of the need for any sort of food of any description and so helping me with my weight loss programme. Anyway Mr McDonald if you are the same Old McDonald  guy that has the farm E i E i O the I suggest you go back to it stay on it and stop serving up the muck thats suppose to be food.

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

Im sure there is a lot of giggles and smiles after the prank episode by the Chaser Group and Red Faces on the part of the police. But ask yourselves how serious it is and what will be the outcome. Maybe through all the laughter you havent given it much thought, well just THINK about it. In Australia security tends to be copycat and follows other nations styles and methods and pranks like the one pulled by the Chaser Group to take the piss out of the police might just lead to a bit more tightening up security and what does that mean to us…….. LESS FREEDOM of movement thats what it means and will you all be laughing then and will Chaser and his idiots be standing up and chanting hey look we caused that, like F…K they will. Im in the US right now and security is noticeable when you go to any event football baseball etc. Inconvenient, I suppose so, but everyone knows the reason for it and accepts it as a precaution for their safety. It took a vile terrorist act to bring this action into everyday life with security forces at different places consstantly alert.

The fun and games of the chaser group will bring tighter security to Australia and if thats what they intended to do then stand up and say it and forget the piss taking and hiding behind a so called prank. Personally I hope they get jailed for it if it was only a joke. The rest of us are going to have to live with the consequences for everafter believe me. Being serched at sporting events where there are huge crowds and more cameras like the Poms and they dont complain one camera for every fourteen people there’s freedom and privacy for you how do you liike them apples Chaser. Youre a bunch of F….K…G mugs that can do those things because Australia is still a great place to live and feel free and people like you are going to destroy it for the rest of us and we will suffer to satisfy your personal ego. Thanks a lot MATE.


George W. Bush’s visit to OZ

I must point out first that this item is not for people with a weak stomach. this item of so called news put out by 9 news Australia has got to take the cake


A Dick and Dora account of the US president spending a day with his friend John Howard. to inspire a new kiddies reading book titled Georgie and Johnny, boredom for the young.
I havenever read anything like this crap in my life, the only thing missing is how Mr Bush actually walked, in case you are wondering I will fill it in for you. He walked by putting one foot in front of the other alternativly and transfering his weight from one foot to the other. Its called walking. Who ever wrote this article should be shot and whoever published it should be made to do it then shoot him or herself. To me this is an example of the media totally censored and without any view or comment or critisism. I cannot understand how on such an important occassion like this H Ha the press forgot to tell us what they were all wearing. I bet the Queens representative our Governor General was all resplendant as usual, all done up like a dogs dinner………………. Say no more, you read it for yourself ………………………Im gonna pewk.

Niagara Falls and the Seneca Casino

Had a great day yesterday visiting the Niagara Falls, weather was great and it really was a treat to be there. Then someone mentioned the casino, The SENECA CASINO in fact and what a good place it is for lunch etc. Truly it is a very nice place for food buffet style and so much of it. Prior to lunch we went into the smoke filled casino for an attempt at retracting cancer from willing smokers exhaling their crappy efluviums for all to breath. When we went to have lunch we remarked on that and were told there was a non smoking section of the playing area. So off to lunch which as I said was excellent. Now let me ask this question to people who enjoy smoking. Would you all walk through a sewer of shit and whatever to indulge in your smoking pleasure? Well would you? I doubt it very much so why should non smokers have to walk through the smoke filled area created by you to enjoy the same thing that you enjoy because thats exactly what its like for us and I intend to take this up with the casino. I cannot believe the selfishness of the CASINO to have sign saying NON SMOKING on counters where their staff are working and yet make its NON SMOKING clients suffer at the same time. Personally Im not a casino person but I love a bet but I can tell you this, unless you are a smoker then give this CASINO a big miss and stay out in the fress air by the Falls you may live longer. My summary ……..The FALLS, magnificent, the CASINO, nice food nice building nice location, but if your ambition is to go there to win your fortune the riches are outside in the fresh air. For the smokers I say good luck its, not your fault as long as you can cough your way to the casino doors they love you, RIP.