Microsoft Vista? still as crappy as ever…The Follow Up

Hows this for Bullshit by the bucket load, read this from an executive of the company that produces a Digital Photo Viewer that in my case wont load the photos but the clock works.

Good Afternoon Brian,

We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. However, I have a Vista Machine here that I use to do testing & it works fine with the Digital photo Viewer, which leads me to believe that your particular viewer might have a defect in which case you should return it to the store for either an exchange or a refund. Additionally, please keep in mind if you were already not aware, that this device was developed & introduced before Vista was. Also, every product which has a system requirements disclaimer is required to note what the device is compatible with at that time & potentially in the future, hence the HIGHER. It is up to the developer of new software & operating systems to produce something that is readily compatible with a wide range of devices & have the necessary drivers, Which Vista, when newly released was guilty of not having. If you have any additional questions feel free to respond for further assistance. Have a great day

please keep in mind if you were already not aware, that this device was developed & introduced before Vista was”…………..Well now would you believe that as important as I am Im not informed about all the gadgets and devises that are being developed around the world and theres probably quite a few Im not aware of. As for compatibility thats a joke in itself. The outside of the box said up to XP and HIgher and the inside instruction sheet said XP 2000 only so is that false advertising or not. Its like a bloody conspiracy with all these computer add on manufacturers. Then the crowning glory……I should take it back, Im 71 and dont drive over here so I have to walk and spend half a day to change it because it MIGHT be faulty. How about get TARGET to come and F,,,,,,,,G get it they sold it to me. ATICO INTERNATIONAL, USA………… you can get well and truly………



The mind boggles for a visitor to your city when it comes to reading what your powers to be actually want put in place by law or intent that is supposedly for your benefit. I previously posted a blog regarding in regards to the MTA and its price increase, I mentioned in that blog the cleanliness or lack of it on the subway trains, now it seems your Mayor who seems to have total control of everything here is going to increase the number of cleaners on the subway by 11% I think I read. Is this man NUTS, he recently went to London to look into security cameras in action on their subway system and I suppose security cameras in general. Incidently I read that in the UK there is one camera for each 14 people and thats an incredible statistic if thats true. Anyway back to the subject, the subway commuter day start around 6.30am I would think and if you travel at that time the trains are reasonably clean and tidy. Thats the beginning of the day for those commuters to bring their breakfast on the train because they cant leave home a bit earlier or get up a bit earlier to actually consume their food before they get on the train, of course it would be ridiculous to think they could get up in time to actually eat like a human being before they leave the house. So progressively through the day the commuters bring and eat their food and dispense their newspapers and junk on the seats and floor of the train. The Mayors answer to the filthy unhygenic problem is to employ another 11% more cleaners to pick up the crap. This guys the Mayor? he s in charge of things here, boy does New York have a problem with him in charge. I visited Taiwan a few years ago and was impressed at the cleanliness of their subway system, and they achieved it in a way thats beyond comprehension in the city of New York with a Mayor that has the power to put things into operation yet doesnt have the brain power to find the correct solution to a problem. Im going to suggest to him a solution to the problem and it seems to work in Taiwan, STOP COMMUTERS TAKING THE CRAP ON THE TRAINS……..enforse rules or laws prohibiting food and drink beyond a certain point at the station and provide adequate recepticles to receive the rubbish. Transform your cleaners or a proportion of them plus the 11% you intend to employ if needed to ensure and enforce the law of cleanliness and hygene, its beyond all belief that anyone can enforce laws that ban smoking on trains and most other places yet cant stop them eatin and disposing rubbish on subway trains……………Fortunately Mayors in Australia dont have the same powers that they have in the USA which is a good thing in my eyes, I havent seen any bright ideas come from your Mayors thats actually benefit the general public. Your Mayors are politically active enough to run for President so lets face it if this Mayor has his eye on the White House in the future which might lead to cleaning up the world like the present one then make a start for the high office by cleaning up the New York subway system…………Thanks

Microsoft Vista? still as crappy as ever

Here’s another bit of bullshit, courtesy of software manufacturers and gadgets which I have to admit Im a bit of a sucker for. However the fact that I pay for them with legal currency I do think I am entitled to expect them to work. They have in the past with other operating systems and furthermore I now take great care in insuring I read the products recomendations e.g. works with windows 95 98 ME XP 2000 and higher. Higher? what does that mean, Higher, it means to me a later operating system like er let me see, VISTA, is that higher? I know its crap but it is the latest I think. So why dont the product work. I know, just like every other thing on the market thats suppose to work nobody has gone to the trouble of trying it out. A simple photo carrier on a key ring that I have seen working many times needs formating to use it, but a message telling me windows cannot format it keeps appearing. So I guess the real wording on the back of the package should read for windows 95 98 ME XP 2000 and HIGHER if your lucky and bloody silly enough like me to hope it will. Thanks BILL you done it again you want a buy a keyring?

M T A (Misery Torture and Agony)

this is what a subway rain looks likeThe MTA serves as a commuter service for thousands of patrons during any week of the year, going and coming home from work etc. It has its highs and lows as do most forms of transportation. There are many critics of the service and the reliability comfort and cleanliness but most patrons are just glad to get on and get there and get off till the next time they have to use it. So saying all that rather kindly I thought we will now go to the weekend service or chaos for a better word. As a person that relies on the service (ha ha) to get to and from places around town for my leisure purposes then I can only say the service is atrocious or non service that is and the lack of co-ordination and schedules are nothing more than a joke. I know maintenance has to be carried out and that no doubt is the excuse that would be given if I complained but surely someone in the MTA actually has a look and perhaps travels as an hands on person to see what is necessary for the minimal comfort of patrons at the weekends. To travel in the wrong direction to actually get to a train to take you in the right direction might be acceptable to a degree and to have to use an express train to take you to a point where you need a to catch a local might also might seem acceptable BUT and a big BUT at that when you get to the transfer point it is totally unacceptable to have to stand there in horrendous temperatures while five more express trains arrive and spew their loads onto the platform to wait for a single local train. There would have been in excess of 300 people standing on that platform waiting at Rooservelt for an “R” train on Saturday evening and the conditions were appauling to say the least. People with small children could get no relief from the heat, when a train finally appeared I was so pleased I applauded. So MTA, your little notices on station walls asking for comment and thought about your service I can tell you right now. IT SUCKS………………..thank you

Painted Finger Nails

Ive never been an admirer of long finger nails on a woman but I guess I might be in the minority. But with the increase one notices in shopping centres ,malls and market places in general shops with fancy Nail names are increasing so one can only assume that their popularity is increasing. So what, you might say, well recently I accompanied a lady who went to have this operation if thats the terminology. After nearly 2 hours of waiting and a lot of balancing afterwards on her part so as not to touch anything and me having to start the car for her in case she hit these tallons on something thus likely to cause all sorts of stress we then went about the days business. Now its a very strange thing with the women that choose this type of cosmetic beauty if that is what it is because once its done they suffer complete immobilisation. They cannot dial a cellphone or use a calculator or a checkout register with any ease at all. One of the most stupid things Ive noticed after they have done this thing to themselves is they cant pick things up. Try it for yourself go to the supermarket or shop and choose any register that has a long nailed operator working it give her some money that involves them giving you change. Its quite an experience to watch because they cant pick the coins up. Its bad enough getting through a checkout without this type of stupidity. But my pet hate or worry is the painted nails that have bits of paint missing, where does it go, in your hamburger or your fries or coke I dont know but I really dont like to think of it too much…………YUK