Painted Finger Nails

Ive never been an admirer of long finger nails on a woman but I guess I might be in the minority. But with the increase one notices in shopping centres ,malls and market places in general shops with fancy Nail names are increasing so one can only assume that their popularity is increasing. So what, you might say, well recently I accompanied a lady who went to have this operation if thats the terminology. After nearly 2 hours of waiting and a lot of balancing afterwards on her part so as not to touch anything and me having to start the car for her in case she hit these tallons on something thus likely to cause all sorts of stress we then went about the days business. Now its a very strange thing with the women that choose this type of cosmetic beauty if that is what it is because once its done they suffer complete immobilisation. They cannot dial a cellphone or use a calculator or a checkout register with any ease at all. One of the most stupid things Ive noticed after they have done this thing to themselves is they cant pick things up. Try it for yourself go to the supermarket or shop and choose any register that has a long nailed operator working it give her some money that involves them giving you change. Its quite an experience to watch because they cant pick the coins up. Its bad enough getting through a checkout without this type of stupidity. But my pet hate or worry is the painted nails that have bits of paint missing, where does it go, in your hamburger or your fries or coke I dont know but I really dont like to think of it too much…………YUK


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