M T A (Misery Torture and Agony)

this is what a subway rain looks likeThe MTA serves as a commuter service for thousands of patrons during any week of the year, going and coming home from work etc. It has its highs and lows as do most forms of transportation. There are many critics of the service and the reliability comfort and cleanliness but most patrons are just glad to get on and get there and get off till the next time they have to use it. So saying all that rather kindly I thought we will now go to the weekend service or chaos for a better word. As a person that relies on the service (ha ha) to get to and from places around town for my leisure purposes then I can only say the service is atrocious or non service that is and the lack of co-ordination and schedules are nothing more than a joke. I know maintenance has to be carried out and that no doubt is the excuse that would be given if I complained but surely someone in the MTA actually has a look and perhaps travels as an hands on person to see what is necessary for the minimal comfort of patrons at the weekends. To travel in the wrong direction to actually get to a train to take you in the right direction might be acceptable to a degree and to have to use an express train to take you to a point where you need a to catch a local might also might seem acceptable BUT and a big BUT at that when you get to the transfer point it is totally unacceptable to have to stand there in horrendous temperatures while five more express trains arrive and spew their loads onto the platform to wait for a single local train. There would have been in excess of 300 people standing on that platform waiting at Rooservelt for an “R” train on Saturday evening and the conditions were appauling to say the least. People with small children could get no relief from the heat, when a train finally appeared I was so pleased I applauded. So MTA, your little notices on station walls asking for comment and thought about your service I can tell you right now. IT SUCKS………………..thank you


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