Microsoft Vista? still as crappy as ever…The Follow Up

Hows this for Bullshit by the bucket load, read this from an executive of the company that produces a Digital Photo Viewer that in my case wont load the photos but the clock works.

Good Afternoon Brian,

We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. However, I have a Vista Machine here that I use to do testing & it works fine with the Digital photo Viewer, which leads me to believe that your particular viewer might have a defect in which case you should return it to the store for either an exchange or a refund. Additionally, please keep in mind if you were already not aware, that this device was developed & introduced before Vista was. Also, every product which has a system requirements disclaimer is required to note what the device is compatible with at that time & potentially in the future, hence the HIGHER. It is up to the developer of new software & operating systems to produce something that is readily compatible with a wide range of devices & have the necessary drivers, Which Vista, when newly released was guilty of not having. If you have any additional questions feel free to respond for further assistance. Have a great day

please keep in mind if you were already not aware, that this device was developed & introduced before Vista was”…………..Well now would you believe that as important as I am Im not informed about all the gadgets and devises that are being developed around the world and theres probably quite a few Im not aware of. As for compatibility thats a joke in itself. The outside of the box said up to XP and HIgher and the inside instruction sheet said XP 2000 only so is that false advertising or not. Its like a bloody conspiracy with all these computer add on manufacturers. Then the crowning glory……I should take it back, Im 71 and dont drive over here so I have to walk and spend half a day to change it because it MIGHT be faulty. How about get TARGET to come and F,,,,,,,,G get it they sold it to me. ATICO INTERNATIONAL, USA………… you can get well and truly………


3 thoughts on “Microsoft Vista? still as crappy as ever…The Follow Up

  1. Well, I agree, I’ve tried 2 of these “compliant devices” so far on three diffent computers running Xp and Xp pro and the computer will not recognize the device after many attempts to configure. Taking mine back and buying something else. Send an email to target.

  2. I purchased 3 Digital Pocket Viewers and gave them as Christmas gifts. We can not download any of the software. We have XP and 2 of my sons have Vista, nothing works.
    Are you backing this product.
    Please help.
    Doug Shepard
    2394 East County Road E
    White Bear Lake, MN 55110

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