Telstra (Ive never liked them ever)

Telstra the phone line providers that give nothing, take everything and brag about their profits. I think Big Pond is over rated and expensive. Anyway thats not why Im blogging, its about the dopey system they have in place for repairs and maintenence, this is first hand stuff, outside of my house there is a nice big hole courtesy Telstra presumebly for maintenence also there is a pretty yellow frame placed around the hole so people dont fall in it. Now this is the joke, the job of digging these holes are given to contractors outside of Telstra, who it seems go and dig the holes when they are notified where to dig it then then with the normal TELSTRA enthusiasm the maintenence team turn up goodness knows when. Its been three weeks nearly now since the hole was dug and nothing has happened except the hole does collect rain which I suppose is good for the wiring below ground. So this is me complaining about this mish mash of crap called Telstra that dont give a shit for anyone except their greedy shareholders and directors. If things dont happen here soon Im going to fill the bloody hole in so I can get my car in and out and stuff em…….thanks………..(I suppose it must be important though, they even went as far as to put a fence around it to stop the hole escaping).