Australian Federal Parliament

At last a federal polititian comes up with a good idea.

It now seems in the interests of the stolen generation and the awful things that occured in those dark days of Australias history an Australian Government is going to officially say SORRY to the indigenous families that have suffered from those past deeds.

The Federal Liberal Opposition want to know why it is suddenly a priority while other things are more pressing in their opinions. Its always been a priority all the 11 years of their governing they refused to acknowledge the neccesity to apologise for the terrible actions of the past.

Labour Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has hinted there might be a traditional aboriginal local dance group to perform on the floor of parliament on the day of the official SORRY announcement.

Liberal menber of Parliament Wilson Tuckey just stated on television he thought it was a disgrace to turn the floor of parliament into a dance floor. He then followed up with and I quote ” we might as well put a sign on the roof stating dances be held every Friday night”. Wilson thats the best thing you have ever said or suggested, at last put that building to a sensible use. Mind you, before anyone dances on the floor of parliament you will need to clean up the BULLSHIT first. Goodonya Wilson a great suggestion.


Heath Ledger (R.I.P)

The passing on of Heath Ledger is without doubt a very sad happening, so much  sorrow for his family and close friends and all those who enjoyed his work, which he did so well as an actor.

With this sadness in mind Im having my say on an article that has reached the internet via a Sydney radio station and inspired by the words of a parishoner from the Baptist Church of Topeka in Kansas USA. Im not going to dwell on her words or even repeat anything she said because thats not what I find disturbing. What disturbs me is, this person actually goes to church presumably to pray to god or jesus or whoever the Baptist Church regard as their boss. So what does he teach, what message is passed on to baptists that makes them so awful and hurtful to people at a time when they are so sad and vulnerable. Why would you want to go out of your way to contact a radio station to vent your poison in the name of a church  for everyone to hear or read about on the internet.  This church is actually going to picket any memorial service in his rememberance because he played the part of a homosexual cowboy and by doing that he has to be a supporter of gay people. What a terrible crime he committed, an actor who played the part of someone else and therefor has to be punished by the baptist church. Am I to believe that all baptist think the same I guess they do if that is what is preached to them. Over the years of film making actors have played many parts, Hitler comes to mind and countless cold bloodied murderers, I dont recall hearing or reading anything about the Topekan religious nutjobs complaining about the actors supporting the people they portrayed or picketing the movie theatres to show their disgust. One could go on and on about this so called church and Baptists and anyone that goes to church with all the smiles and graces and thinks a visit to the church on sunday and a session with the bible gives them the right to feel holier than thou, when in fact they are just plain EVIL……..god forgive.

Packaging (the ultimate frustration)

I quite honestly dont know where to start with this, its so involved. Most people  who have a computer or have any electrical interests know what its like when you purchase an add on component a battery.  Even some kitchen appliances. Generally speaking all the things that are hanging up or on racks in the shops or supermarket, they are all nicely packaged so you can see what you are buying in a nice clear plastic pack………. Thats where the f…king compliments end. The frustration begins when you try to remove the item from the package they dont provide explosives so you have to employ other means scissors can help with a struggle but basically its a f….king joke and for people with limited use of their hands nearly impossible.     So who am I aiming this moan at.  The whole chain of import /export command worldwide, nobody it seems have got their heads to see a problem and nobody it seems wants to do anything about it. Pensioner/invalid groups and senior citizen associations worldwide sit on their hands and say and do nothing evidently. Heres an interesting story, I bought a card for my camera from Comp/USA but wasnt sure it was the right one although they assured me it was. I said lets open it and try it which we did but not before they made me pay for it. I used a card to pay and it wasnt the right card for the camera so now they had to reverse the transaction. The money came out of my card immediately and the reversal took 8 days, hows that for bullshit. Anyway  getting back to the packaging, who do you complain to polititians, importers, exporters, are all so out of touch its a disgrace and we have to put up with it. Its bullshit no wonder I get in a shitty.

Learmonth Airport (leave its name alone)

The proposal to change the name of Learmonth Airport takes the perpetrators down to a level where there is no lower to go. The very thought that changing the name of the airport will make any significant difference to the areas tourism is mind boggleing. If the government agency and the shire council and whoever else are so void of marketing skills that the only thing that they can come up with is to change the airports name then its quite understandable that their tourist numbers are lacking.  These people should hang their heads in shame for even thinking of such an awful deed against a man that gave everything to Australia his life included. Charles Learmonth’s name should be incorporated in the marketing of the area not disgarded as irrelavent. New Yorks airport is named after John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) and New York is passionately called the Big Apple, would the Exmouth name butchers suggest they change the name from JFK to the Big Apple to boost tourism? I think not, or would you, heres a tip from me, market what you have, you have some of the finest natural beauty in your area that other parts of the world and Australia would love to behold so get off your fat arses and market it and leave Charles Learmonth memory as it is, something to be remembered as the great man he was………………………

Aussie Aussie Aussie (who are we)

I guess I am a whinging bastard coz things just dont seem to be right from my way of thinking. This is Australia its a country that stands on its own surrounded by water, a big island approx 22 million people so what have we got. Good question. Il tell you what we got and nobody seems to care except obviously me. We have a wonderful country sadly the head of it is a lady that lives in London and has a representative in all states and territories so I guess shes the boss and is a queen of many domains. Good for her. Thats one pile of bullshit. Next. In the USA they are going through a bad patch and their economy is in some sort of turmoil with housing and credit cards etc. now this is serious stuff for us, so serious that the banks here Commonwealth NAB ANZ and whoever else has to put their interest rates up for us to pay more coz these banks have borrowed money from there. Isnt that f….king great. The next thing which has alwys enchanted me is a real beauty, the price of our fuel, petrol/gas call it what you like is set in Singapore now I guess I have an identity problem here coz who the F…k are we, do we have any control at all, does any Australian own a deli or fish and chip shop anymore, not here they dont. So I ask the question when will Australia become a real country and not just the place people refer to as the land down under that has kangaroos and is good at cricket. So COME ON AUSSIE COME ON lets at least look like we own this country……or do we?

Bush Fires

Every year all over Australia we have the “Bush Fire Season” its made to sound like its an event to look forward to but every year there are teffible consequences and awful injuries and sometimes loss of life and property. The recent tradgedy involving the trucks that were permitted to travel through fire affected country opens up some interesting discussion, photographs in the media of the stricken trucks and the and the burned out bush makes me ask this question. Why do we have these huge trucks travelling on on piddly little roads that are still no more than camel tracks, there is nothing GREAT about the Eastern Highway its narrow, look at the photos of the burned out trucks and see the revelance to the size of truck to width of road. There is no shortage of space in the bush plenty of room to build aroad where trucks should be able to turn around. With all the bush country thats up there through the wheatbelt and on to the goldfields  the Great Eastern Highway wouldnt qualify as a decent fire break in the area that catastrohpe occured but nobody mentions it and I guess nobody will. Was a very sad day for Western Australia and the short sighted authorities that have no planning ability or forsight. An awful day indeed I hope somebody will learn from the mistakes and make sure it never happens again.

Telstra…..a pox on em

Guess what, seven weeks on and the hole is still there so is the frame around it except I did decorate it with christmas tinsel etc to give it that festive look. Can you believe these f… idiots can run a business like this Ive noticed others around the place Im beginning to think they just dont have enough room to store the frames so they pick random houses to park them. This week is there last chance I have a truck making a delivery and the hole has to go. Up yours |Telstra