Australian Federal Parliament

At last a federal polititian comes up with a good idea.

It now seems in the interests of the stolen generation and the awful things that occured in those dark days of Australias history an Australian Government is going to officially say SORRY to the indigenous families that have suffered from those past deeds.

The Federal Liberal Opposition want to know why it is suddenly a priority while other things are more pressing in their opinions. Its always been a priority all the 11 years of their governing they refused to acknowledge the neccesity to apologise for the terrible actions of the past.

Labour Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has hinted there might be a traditional aboriginal local dance group to perform on the floor of parliament on the day of the official SORRY announcement.

Liberal menber of Parliament Wilson Tuckey just stated on television he thought it was a disgrace to turn the floor of parliament into a dance floor. He then followed up with and I quote ” we might as well put a sign on the roof stating dances be held every Friday night”. Wilson thats the best thing you have ever said or suggested, at last put that building to a sensible use. Mind you, before anyone dances on the floor of parliament you will need to clean up the BULLSHIT first. Goodonya Wilson a great suggestion.



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