Heath Ledger – Newspapers – Reporters – columnists

Firstly newspapers……We rely on them  supposedly for news, we dont always get it though, we get their version of the truth which is mostly far from the truth. However one thing is for sure, its certainly isnt worth chopping down trees so the newspapers can write and print the shit they do.

Reporters and columnists…. a group of ethicless opinionated people who will say anything to get their stories read regardless of who they hurt or offend.

This leads me to my blog. The latest hurtfull stories being bounded around concerns Heath Ledger. A female columnist with the New York Post has started the latest agony for the Ledger family with her poison reporting which then inspires the those for stories  and those against which leads to the prolonging of the sadness and the agony of their sons death. What possible satisfaction could Ms Angrea Peyser get from causing more grief to the family and close friends and how on earth would she know what his thoughts were. As for her comments on his character the words she used “reckless,greedy and selfish” seem to fit her own character exactly. WHY CANT EVERYONE JUST LET THE GUY REST IN PEACE and leave his family daughter and friends to grieve with dignity.


One thought on “Heath Ledger – Newspapers – Reporters – columnists

  1. What a “reckless, greedy and selfish” act in the name of self serving journalism Andrea Peyser! You’re insensitive, misinformed and attention seeking comments “show little regard for Heath’s daughter, Matilda, ex-fiancee Michelle Williams and his family and friends”… RIP Heath and much love and support to all who loved and knew Heath. Shame on you Andrea Peyser, only a very small person takes a shot at one who cannot defend himself.

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