More Aussie Political Crap

More golden words from Malcolm Arrogance the 2nd  He reckons that all extra taxes that will be collected and create a surplus should be spent on the people it was collected from. What a memory this man has, Smirky Costello amassed 64 Billion dollars and was againts it being spent by the present government. Does this Liberal party now in opposition think we are all morons that have no memories of the awful years they were in govenment, a government that in the last budget gave pensioners a $500 one off payment when everyone else got cuts to increase their spending power to keep up with prices of fuel and food etc. Mr Arrogance is a fraud with no memory or thinks we dont have one so my advice to him is to keep him mouth shut up then he wont keep putting his foot in it  Costello was protecting polititians pensions and future superanuation with no thought for ordinary Australians. Australian Liberalism = personal greed


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