The Liberal Party of Australia

After listening to parliament on Friday and then seeing the disgraceful performance of those that receive a salary to sit in parliament as opposition party for our  country, I honestly cant see  any hope for the party that calls itself liberal in the near or distant future. The antics where just unbelievable, a few days ago Wilson Tuckey complained that parliament was like a dance hall so he’s gone one better and with the help of his colleagues has turned it into “Play School”. After listening to an explanation on radio featuring messrs Abbott and Tanner it seems the whole fiasco was just a stunt and the card board cut out were at the ready for the day. The electorate has told the “liberals” what they think of them to such a degree that the ex prime not only lost the election but lost his seat also and now cant or wont show his face. So its left to the odd balls hes left behind and true to form they are showing their true worth and value to this country…….Nothing….RIP


One thought on “The Liberal Party of Australia

  1. I would think after four decades that there is little if any difference between either major parties, they are out to set themselves up at our expense copying their US and UK political cousins {read their antics}.The only way out as I see it is not to vote for either major party vote only for the minor parties and to visit Pensioners, War Vets and old fart’s site’s write in your comments tell them not to waste their vote by stuffing up the ballot paper as the top two majors rely on this apathy, as a non vote, which means voting can easily be rigged, look how Bush got in: you’ve got to out number their rich mate’s like Banks, Finance Institutions and Industry who give them protection money called “Political Donations” that’s how and why governments are able to deregulate so many institutions and can afford to remain in
    power over the minorities. There’s a bloody site more poor than there are rich kids on the block. It really is up to us old bugger’s {Elder Gentlemen} to get back up again and fight the superficial bastards for commonsense and public dignity and get shot of this nonsense of political correctness as well, the public youngster’s are still wet behind the ear’s and fall for the same old rhetoric spewing from these parasite’s mouth’s.

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