Daylight Saving – Western Australia

Well as we come close to end of our trial of daylight saving I dont think anyone will disagree with me that it certainly needs some tweeking. I suppose Im right in saying that by and large most people have got used to it, although I personally thought the heat at the late afternoon was not for me. Generally I enjoy the hot summer days and cooling off in the afternnons, but thats me. However I think it is painfully obvious that our daylight saving has gone on one month too long. Here we are nearing the end of  March and its still twilight nearing 8pm which to me is ridiculous. At the other end of the scale its pitch dark around 7am.  On Monday the 24th  of March there was a full moon and at 6.50am  it was full moonlight until dawn arrived after 7am. So for me and everyone I have spoken to they are all in agreement that daylight saving should be terminated at least by the end of February……….thank you Mr Minister for whatever.

Milk…………in Australia

This blog is rather personal to me and my criticism may not br shared be shared by everyone or anyone come to that. Well years ago milk was delivered to the door in a bottle with a gold or silver top sealing it and a couple of inches of lovely cream visually at the top. We used to have to make sure we got ours inside quickly or we had to share the cream with the magpies that lurked around. Milk then was a lovely drink I could demolish a bottle full of milk on a hot summers day in a blink.  I worked at the rear of a milk distribution centre so it was available at anytime and it was a pleasure to drink. So we come to 2008, in fact the last few years, I dont drink milk anymore I occasionally may put it over cerial and thats all. What has happened to it? white water, tasteless, no cream, expensive and who knows how they whoever THEY are get it to this state. To sum it up in one word its RUBBISH. A very interesting advertisment on TV here in West Australia shows a guy promoting Woolworths making sure its meat is up to standard with this bloke visiting a beef cattle property and making sure the quality of the beef is good. Its a pity Woolworths dont get this bloke to visit a dairy farm and seek out some quality there. He will find it there as it leaves the cow and that where it ends, its a terrible shame that such a lovely animal that produces such a wonderful product has to be associated with the rubbish that ends up in the supermarkets for human consumption at such an exorbitant price.  Thats my view of the milk situation here and I shall continue to be a milk abstainer until I can afford my own cow…………thanks

Aussie Inflation – Interest Rates – Bollocks |Economy

The Australian economy is in trouble, we are spending too much, it has to be curtailed. Who are they fucking kidding. The last government under Howard and Costello amassed a huge surplus and gave us nothing. Now we are in trouble coz we are spending too much. Thats true, I am spending more, I have to coz everything is costing more so its bloody obvious Im spending more, basics are more expensive milk for instance. Cows are now getting paid more. so are apple trees. $9 for a kilo of apples, thats bullshit. So whats the truth of it all. People are spending more, BUT ARE THEY. For instance retailers are saying there are getting plenty so thats the measure that government and treasury take into consideration to determine the state of the economy. BUT IS IT TRUE. I dont think it is, for instance most big retail stores advertise goods for sale, furniture, televisions, Hi Fi s whatever. Buy now and dont pay anything untill 2010 0r 2012, so you front up and do the deal a flash Television for $2000 but dont pay for 2 – 3 years. The retailer get his money from the finance company so he s sweet you have the debt for a later date. How much did you physically spend in money? NOTHING, but you have a debt down the track. Now all this crap starts before and over the christmas period when everyone wants to treat themselves and others and so they go on the spending spree.  Headlines ” Australian Spend Up For Christmas New Year” Credit card debt is at a high. Who fault is it, the housing crash in the USA, Bollocks its induced right here in OZ, finance companies square off the retailers and sit back. The consumer has done nothing to cause the problem but we are paying for it through interest rates and high food prices etc. We are being cheated big time and they keep telling us how bad it is so we dont expect anything better from the cheating bastards. Im sure Mr Rudd appears to be doing a good job so far and perhaps the National Anthen should be changed to “He’s A Jolly Good Fellow” but Im beginning to think that I dont trust him, Im a pensioner and im spending too much, thats a joke a refugee gets more than a pensioner in Australia so what about that……………..thanks for nothing.