Daylight Saving – Western Australia

Well as we come close to end of our trial of daylight saving I dont think anyone will disagree with me that it certainly needs some tweeking. I suppose Im right in saying that by and large most people have got used to it, although I personally thought the heat at the late afternoon was not for me. Generally I enjoy the hot summer days and cooling off in the afternnons, but thats me. However I think it is painfully obvious that our daylight saving has gone on one month too long. Here we are nearing the end of  March and its still twilight nearing 8pm which to me is ridiculous. At the other end of the scale its pitch dark around 7am.  On Monday the 24th  of March there was a full moon and at 6.50am  it was full moonlight until dawn arrived after 7am. So for me and everyone I have spoken to they are all in agreement that daylight saving should be terminated at least by the end of February……….thank you Mr Minister for whatever.

4 thoughts on “Daylight Saving – Western Australia

  1. has anyone done any fatigue management consequences for shift workers on daylight saving because I know from first hand experience it absolutley floors me on 12 hour shifts and I drive 120 tonne roadtrains down a highway near you. you want more daylight get up earlier leave the rest of us alone

  2. Hey matt, try going to bed at the same time(according to the clock) and wake up at the same time(according to the clock). You should find that you get the same number of hours sleep. Sure, if you had to work the next day when daylight saving kicked in, you might have lost an hour sleep (although you should have been in bed an earlier?), but if you can’t handle the loss of 1 hour in a day, once a year, i’m concerned that perhaps you shouldnt be driving 120 tonne trucks?

  3. Have all the people who are so against daylight saving considered the SAVING on their Electricity bills because of daylight saving. Most people do not get up until after 6.00 AM and for most of daylight saving it is light by that time, so no extra electricity is used BUT everybody switches on an hour later saving a massive amount of power. This alone must be worth keeping daylight saving especially with the large increases we have seen in our power bills lately.

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