The World In Tatters

How much bad news can we take, our daily existance is becoming a nightmare. Each day we awake to terrible news of one kind or another.

Wars in Afganistan and Iraq still dragging on, Petrol/Gas prices rising every day, food prices getting totally out of hand and politicians fumbling through the day trying to assure us its under contol. The lying bastards.

Natural disasters (or more to it, un-natural disasters) causing death and misery in Burma and China and so the list goes on.

Then today I wake to the devastating earth shattering news and tearfully write with disbelief that Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian. Can life go on?

N.A.S.A ….PLEASE find me a F….king Planet.

Media Crap

Politicians as is obvious by my blogs are not favourites of mine and if you ever want to be bored to death and inadvertently switch to the ABC’s parliamentary broadcast youll see why. However if I ever want to get interested then Hansard records all their bullshit and irrelivent tripe for all to read………….So when these people go home or have a party do we really want to know what they say or do when they are half full of booze and whos tit or ass they are groping. Bloody Hell.

How long do we have to put up with this Media Crap that are scrapeing the pits of the pollies private lives and what they did and didnt do. So we have had the Buswell and now Logan and pulled out the stops to achieve  character assasination  of whoever they cast their sights on. But for F….ks sake give us a break, the “Puritans Of Print and “Paperazzi Ponces” dont know when to stop, they lead such clean and pure lives themselves and are a model of all thats holy its a wonder they can manage the time to leave church to chase this political villains.       We have one poxy paper and its full of crap.

Australian Politics………What A Job

Hows this for a joke it goes on each day at the  C.C. (Camberra Circus) or if youre looking for another name its referred to as the Australian Parliament. Now imagine this, you own a business and your staff draw wages for whatever task they do. Right. But two of your top men drawing wages isnt sure whether he wants to be part of your company or not since the company lost a big contract they cant make up his mind what they want to do. So after six months of drawing wages and doing nothing they just turn up now and then listen to the chit chat or play with a laptop to pass the time away. These guys are politicians, crapheads the worst type of people setting the worst kind of example to everyone. These two people occupy a place in parliament and quite openly show they have no desire for the job but they will hang around and take wages till  something turns up that suits them. If you was running a business and had a couple of people like that how long would you wait till you showed them the door. I bet you wouldnt wait six months, so why should we. This is just the perfect example of the kind of contempt that polititians have for the ordinary person, they are the greediest people on this earth. They sit in that parliament and condone this behaviour by two of their so called colleagues, and why you may ask, well to me its obvious, once this type of situation arises and is allowed to operate it opens the flood gates for any of the future no hopers to follow suit. So Mr Downer and Mr Costello you are, as I heard some ABC journalistic idiot refer to you both as “Liberal Elder Statesmen” and she said it without pewking, if you are an example of Australias Liberalism then god help those fools that ever think of voting for them. I dont hear “Malcolm The Bull” commenting on the rights and wrongs of what that duo are doing. A bunch of assholes the whole bloody lot of them.


Free……….a four letter word that has many meanings according to the dictionary.

But to me its just means  that it costs nothing…….nought…….zilch whatever.

So when I go searching online for FREE WEBSITE TEMPLATES I rather stupidly hope Il find one or more that costs nothing. Silly me, free either means its free to look for it or free until you have to pay for it. Every FREE template Ive dug up has a price attached to it.

In Australia we have always prided ourselves in being FREE.

FREE…………………to do as we are told.

FREE TO VOTE……mind you its compulsory and you get fined if you dont.

FREEDOM in a democracy means you have equality. Equality means if you have a dispute with a Multi Million Dollar business you are FREE to get a lawyer to sue. Sell your house your car your goods and assets for the services of the lawyer, the business keeps the dispute running through the courts until you cant afford the lawyer anymore then you are FREE to go begging.

So there you are a simple four letter word FREE………ha ha

The United Nations Organisation

What a waste of time and money the organisation is. Its obvious it has no power to fix problems that arise in the world if the governments of the said country deems they dont have a problem  to fix. An example of this of course is Burma, there isnt a problem there according to the guys in nice clean pressed green uniforms that behave like it doesnt know why the rest of the world is  making a fuss. Over a million starving and sickness ridden men women and children can hardly be regarded a  problem to  to them as they are so used to see the countries population under continuous suffering. Would anyone care if a UN army went in there and wiped those generals out and allowed the people of burma a chance to receive medical  assistance. I doubt it, but the U.N. cant do a thing, its a toothless tiger there is an avenue of approach that borders around the word genocide but nobody has the guts to stand up and say that is what is going on there. If only there was oil there, that might make a difference. What a disgrace to let those people die.

Then of course we have the other terrible situation in Zimbabwe, isnt that a great show of human compassion on behalf of the U.N. a maniac ruler holding on to power at any expense and prepared to kill his own people to stay in power. South Africa the continents power broker is totally useless and are killing the people who have escaped from the Zimbabwe butcher theres compassion for you. Mbeki a joke.

Kenya  that was another fine example of the U.N. shouldering resposibility, factions killing each other regardless of them being women or chilren.

Dharfur how long as that gone on for suffering murder and rape and everyone sitting on their hands

So  lets get some perspective into all this, if factions or religions or black or white decide to fight in London, Paris, New York or Sydney there would be screams of racism from the highest order yet the true racism and the worst kind is in these countries with lawless governments that allow brother to fight and destroy brother in the name of some dreadful tragic cause. Fighting each other isnt racist.,,,,,,,,,,,Says Who.

Wheres the U.N. tucked away in New York and like the E.U. riding the gravy train in Brussels.  What a shambles.

Multi Millionaire Politicians

Filthy rich pollies tell us how much we need to live on. Turnbullshit wants rid of anyone in his party that might get in the way of him succeeding Nelson. We all know that Nelson cannot stay as leader of the opposition he is without doubt the biggest non event drawing political wages. Great isnt it, Costello sits on the back bench with his laptop writing a book Downer does nothing at all yet they all take wages. What a disgraceful bunch thay all are. We have to wait until someone says we deserve a raise in our pensions. This is such a bad bunch of people it is almost impossible to write anything at  all about them without getting angry. Ive always been a strong advocate of more women in out parliaments and now we are getting them, they soon become tainted and are void of any compassion or ideas that might be of use to anyone but themselves.

In the state of Western Australia we have a journalist as premier he has got totally lost somewhere within his own arrogance. He is about to surround himself with more journalists as members of parliament, thats just what we need, we have rotten television a rotten newsrag and now we look like getting them in parliament to govern to make that more rotten than it is. Where are we heading, we are selling all our mineral rights to the chinese and anyone else who puts their hand up so I suppose the best we can hope for is to become boat people and find a new Australia because we are certainly losing the battle to keep this one.

Heres A Ruddy Joke

The words of the Prime Minister ……….

He says his Government is looking after pensioners more than the previous Howard government.


“Pensioners are receiving $400 a year more than they received as a consequence of Mr Howard’s last Budget,” he said.


Mr Rudd was quick to point out that the Budget did not entirely ignore pensions, which received an extra $900 a year, including a one-off $500 payment.

So thats an admission caring less about the pensioner. Costello as mean as cat shit gave us $500 which went nowhere as the price od food and petrol increased. Now as the prices have increased even higher the new treasurer has given us $400 they say. Does either of these rich men understand we need money that we can spend on a daily basis not for broadband or telephone bills. Strange as it may seem to these guys we can budget our own cash and set aside cash for our bills. But it would be nice to have some at this time of hardship. Australia the boom country, petrol companies rip us off, banks tare us apart with their charges and a government that doesnt give a shit for us. Roll on the next election so we can show them what we think of them.

Pensioner Protest…………..Its Time.

The time as come for pensioners to prepare to take action against the creatures that call themselves politician. Nearly 12 years of the last bunch and 6 months of the new breed and still no consideration of the nations seniors. The government wants a review, it had 12 years to prepare for this the others are promising changes in 4 years time, they had 12 years make life a little bit more bearable in this time of everything being expensive.

So what do we do. Something that I dont think has been done before on a massive scale. We now gear up for a total NO VOTE for any of these politicians regardless of what they promise and who they are. Ballot papers will just have the words OAP or Pensioner written on them and placed in the ballot box. We have a problem now, in 4 years god only knows how we will be and who of us will even be here. Think about this. If they cant consider us now then we will try and organise ourselves to give them a big miss.

Pensioner Protest

Congratulation to the protesters in Melbourne these pensioners have the courage of their convictions and are speaking out for all Australian Pensioners. The new ruddy government are proving to be no better than the last lot when it comes to the nations senior citizens. Promises promises we will do this for you.  We have just replaced one bunch of liars with another lot. Twelve years of crap from Howard, Costello and Abbot and now we have to contend with this rotten shower.  Jenny Macklin says they have boosted support for 19.000 what about the other three and a quarter million of us. If it wasnt for us there would be no babies to give the bonuses to apart from refugees.  The other twerp Nelson is going to make an announcement in two and a half years time…………whoopee…….what about the twelve years he just left behind whilst  in government, he forgot about us then. Now heres a chance for some grandstanding hes trying to show interest, the hypercritical xoynhoxv# %zdzxo. Before the next election we are going to see polices to bring more justice to pensioners. Mind you at the current food prices there shouldnt be many of us left by then. The justice needed is to lock the whole lot of them up for crimes against the nation.

Binge Drinking

It seems alco pops have taken centre stage in a move by the polliedopes to curb binge drinking by the nations youth.  By increasing exise taxes on the drinks you slow down the consumption and give the government more money to fritter away on themselves. Australians have always had a reputation for being heavy drinkers so our youth are just carrying on the tradition. The rest of the world think we drink a lot due to our climate, it being very mild to hot, thus one has to quench ones thirst. On the other hand with Pollies like ours what else is there to do to relieve ourselves of the pain of their so called policies. Pensioners dont indulge in the drinking tradition as much as they would like to as their pensions are rapidly getting very close to the price of a good bottle of wine. With food and petrol prices at an all time high  and being the recipients of less than $12.000 a year it would be a delight to bury oneself in the oblivion of booze just so they dont have to think of the bastards that are causing them so much misery.