Zimbabwe – South Africa-Friend or Foe

The cartoon election is over except there was nothing funny about it or even anything to smile about. The winner the “One Man Band” Mugabe. For a person whos hatred of people that refuse to accept his humiliation of their existance to take the Bible in his hand and swear to God is the ultimate insult to the people of this country and to whichever God he was swearing to.

African nations are as useful as a “chocolate teapot” non functional and all rhetoric and no action, and to sit at a conference with that butcher is totally hypocritical.

South Africa a country that has known what it was like to be oppressed sits on its hands. President Mbeki supports Mugabe and will no doubt endorse this dreadful despot. Mbeki has displayed his hand when he showed little or no assistance to the people who fled Zimabwe and sought refuge in South Africa only to be abused and beaten by South Africans then had to return to their homeland for more abuse from Mugabe.

This shameful situation can only be saved by outside intervention and its the resposibilty of the African neighbours to rid Zimbabwe of this terrible man. South Africa cannot be relied on to lead the relief it is showing up as a supporter of the cruelty it once fought against.

WHALING- Japanese Democracy In Action


The above weblog just adds shame to the government of Japan and its hypocracy of its WHALING SLAUGHTER. Two anti whaling Japanese bloggers have been arrested and jailed because of their abhoration of the slaughter of defenceless whales.  They were arrested on the eve of the Whaling Commission Conference in Santiago and the reason for putting the above blog site information in this blog is the result of a request from GREENPEACE to all bloggers that are anti whaling to add that site to their blogs to try and blog these guys out of jail.

Worldwide condemnation should follow the dreadful actions of the Japanese Government. These guys have proof that the whaling slaughter is not about research but pure and simply about whale meat. Any bloggers reading this blog and who have the same feeling as I and Greenpeace and the two courageous bloggers in Japan please add this info to your site so it will carry more weight against the Japanese Government.


Lets try and get them out………………………thank You


A conference in Santiago to decide the future of murdering and butchering  whales. Can one forsee the outcome, of course, form another committee to look into the future of the present committee, real sound reasoning. In the meantime the Japanese set out and slaughter another thousand or so whales. What amazes me is the fact that most countries that have animals that are unique     and endangered actually try and study them while they are still alive but it seems scientists in Japan want to study the whale only when it is dead and presumably using a knife and fork. I have not heard or read one word that has come from the Japanese scientific brigade that has caused encouragement to the rest of the world that what they are doing is accomplishing anything but brutal and torturous slaughter. Whatever Greenpeace does to try and hinder this slaughter has to be regarded as a brave attempt to let the Japanese know that we think of them and Greenpeace should be applauded for its actions. The Japanese are a brutal race that are prepared to kill defenceless animals, just for the sake of their love of its meat. Perhaps we would have a bit more respect if the  so called Japanese scientists had the guts to admit thats the reason for the slaughter and not the bullshit about scientific research. The Japanese who had the respect of the rest of the world for its electronic achievements have now sunk to the lowest of the low and their reputation is now resting on ZERO………..Just My Opinion. 

Zimbabwe – Mugabe – South Africa

The United Nations as an organisation is rapidly becoming just two words that mean nothing to the world of ordinary people. Here is a country thats ruled by a madman who persecutes his own countrymen. Killing raping burning houses and really just totally out of control. The world looks on just like Dharfur let the people perish at the hands of cruel militiamen and the madmans followers. South Africa, a country that suffered apartheid for many years and know what life is like under oppresive rulers have done nothing Nelson Mandela has at last opened his mouth to condemn the brutal Mugabe regime. The surrounding black african countries give out wimps of protest and Mugabe treats them as he does with total contempt. This is not about colour of a persons skin, its about who you want to vote for, its about freedom of voice and choice of ruler and government. So the Dis-United Nations sit on their hands and watch the people of Zimbabwe suffer at the hands of this awful brutal regime and look for sanctions against a man who has everything and wants for nothing, a man of riches who thumbs his nose at the world while his people starve. Dont send money dont send rhetoric just shed your tears with those very unhappy people that suffer at the hands of a crackpot politician.

CASHBACK….(if youre lucky)

Thinking of buying a computer, television, washing mashine? some really attractive deals around the place if you look at the advertising in daily newspapers on the pages of the big retailers. BUT BEWARE, BEWARE,BEWARE. Example $600 after CASHBACK $450. $150 CASHBACK after purchase.

It all seemed to good to be true to me so I took a look into it, sure enough theres enough BULLSHIT involved in it to start another pile.

Firstly CASHBACK is an american company and it is in liquidation, one asks how come its allowed to trade at all under the rules.

Secondly it relies on “slippage” to make its money, “slippage” is the term used when people dont follow the rules on how to get their cash back and forfeit it. It then goes into their kitty.

Its certainly not a simple proceedure to get your “CASHBACK” you have to register with them or a company, give date of purchase, cut out the barcode on the box, copy the tax invoice they send. The send all this within 14 days of purchase. Be careful if you buy online as it may take 5-7 days to receive the item. CASHBACK has been banned in South Australia since 2006 yet retailers are still advertising in our newpapapers. SO BEWARE. if you want to take the punt then make sure you qualify, it seems you need a computer to begin with and/or a copier at least so dont be fooled the CASHBACK might go to them not you. Most of the information here is supplied by CHOICE so take a look before you buy.

Giveaway Kev Comes Home

Welcome home Kevin (Rudd, for those who dont know of him), its good to see you back, I hope you had a nice trip to Japan and Indonesia so on behalf of  all pensioners and the needy and hungry we are pleased that you managed to find 50 million bucks to hand out without a need to consult the budget review. You know the review Im refering to, thats the one thats needed before you can give the pensioners of Australia some monetary assistance during these hard times. Good onya mate you get more like Johnny every day.

The Camberra Cats Sharpen Their Claws

Women in business in todays world have to be admired in my opinion, they are efficient and very capable and definately equal or better than their male counterparts. They occupy top corporate positions and by my observations are certainly more dignified and eloquent.

In contrast there are the female politicians polished party puppets just waiting to show their strength or weakness. Julie Bishop said on radio that she thought Hilary Clinton had done a lot for women during her campaign for the democratic nomination against Barak Obama and Im sure she did. But none of it shows that it rubbed off on dear Julie who cant wait to get her claws into another labour female pollie. One who in my opinion doent even need to be mentioned as its a police matter. But thats not good enough for dear Julie, she wants her female counterpart tortured. God what a woman and she was in government for 10 or more years and did nothing for anyone bar herself. When asked on radio about her own political aspirations in the light of Hilary’s campaign about one day being Prime Minister of Australia she said ” politics is a very unpredictable GAME” really, and what part do the electorate play in her GAME, are we the tiles in her scrabble, the snakes that always go back to the bottom in her Snakes and Ladders, who knows.

However far women progress in the corporate world and whatever headway they make it wil always be undermined by the likes of the female Cat in the political arena. Politics drains the soul, politicians are a genderless crowd. God help their families.

Never Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Never put all your eggs in one basket, I dont know who is attributed to saying that and I cant be bothered to find out. I think the government of the state of Western Australia should though, what a balls up they have made with this gas chaos. It beggars belief that with all the resourses in the north west just one dim witted company with no forsight and no government overview for a back up plan can throw the state into such a mess.  The amazing thing is they dont have the equipment here in Australia to fix it, but theres a chance they might have found some, somewhere. The longer this fiasco goes on the worse it gets and the suggestion that the residential citizens of our fair state turn off their gas warmers to assist the corporations to keep their huge profits alive and by keeping industry going is great especially when the Pollie that makes the suggestion (Tom Stevens) is the pollie for the pilbara or kimberley region that enjoys lovely weather this time of year. Its pissing rain and 8C and they want us to turn off our heating. Sure kill off a few more pensioners. that will suit the federal government down to the ground make it a lot easier than giving them money for food. This gas business is a disaster and nobody is putting their hand up to take the blame for being short sighted. Just get the project up and running, grab the huge profits at all costs, well now youve  f…ked up big time all of you, greedy profit taking businesses and politicians because you “Put All Your Eggs In One Basket” and you wont go cold and you wont loose your job and you wont go hungry………..your just a bunch of greedy bastards.


George Burns as we all know, unless you are extremely young was a great american comedian. His show The Burns and Allen Show with his wife Gracie Allen was hillarious. In his own way he was quite a philosipher also.

He once said and I quote, “why is it that all the people who know how to run the country best are either driving a cab or cutting hair”. Now that really is quite a  statement to make, but with the quality of politians throughout the world today I think he had a point. Countries are engaged in wars they cant win and cant find a face saving way out. Australian troops are leaving Iraq but are going to be deployed in Afganistan. Billions of dollars are being pledged to the afganis to try and reach stability of government. (I wont dwell on the fact that all the prisoners captured there over the years have been set free by the Taliban today) Thats encouragement to dish out a few more billion to that government isnt it. But none of this is the reason for this blog. What I am complaining about is the event here in Western Australia. As an ex-cabbie with George Burns qualifications Id like to ask a very simple question regarding this states gas crisis. How Come A Multi Million/Billion dollar Project that is supplying most of Western Australias industry and commercial interests with their product has no breakdown contingency plans. NO BACKUP I have been asking the question since it happened yet here we are with nobody asking the question, and the closest anyone has come to drawing it to anyones attention is in a cartoon in the Daily Rag. Where are the people who gave the go ahead for this project from day one. They didnt ask the question “What Happens If”………..nobody was bright enough to ask? Now they want the population in the winter to turn off their heating, are they f…….king crazy………. let the government go out and buy more sheets for the hotels, and repair any damage thats affecting business, give the shops a boost. This is stupidity at its worse, complete and utter showing of useless politicians who only care about making money for themselves and corporations, a total rotten f…..k…ing disgrace.

Tax On Oil Companies

A very interesting situation developed in the US senate regarding the imposing of a tax on oil companies that are reaping huge rewards due to the current crude oil prices. The tax will not be imposed because it will not lead to a reduction in the price of petrol/gas at the actual pump. Now thats very interesting and really cements my thoughts that the US is blessed with the same type of political dopes that breed here in Australia. If ordinary Mr/Mrs/Ms Smith (fictional) goes to work each day earns his/her/their wages they are made to pay tax, if they do overtime they earn more and so pay more tax, evryone knows that and now lives to expect that. The Smiths have no control or say in how that tax is to be used or if it going to benefit anyone, it goes to treasury and they allocate it to wherever. So with that in mind and returning to the multi rich oil companies why in the eyes of the smart senate should they be exempt these extra taxes just because the cannot be channelled back to petrol/gas pump. Why cant they be the same as everyone else and have the taxes go toward education hospitals and all other underfunded utilities. What are you nuts?  Youre fighting a war for oil funded by the Smiths and oil company fat cats are sitting back getting richer with senate approval. God Bless America.