Tax On Oil Companies

A very interesting situation developed in the US senate regarding the imposing of a tax on oil companies that are reaping huge rewards due to the current crude oil prices. The tax will not be imposed because it will not lead to a reduction in the price of petrol/gas at the actual pump. Now thats very interesting and really cements my thoughts that the US is blessed with the same type of political dopes that breed here in Australia. If ordinary Mr/Mrs/Ms Smith (fictional) goes to work each day earns his/her/their wages they are made to pay tax, if they do overtime they earn more and so pay more tax, evryone knows that and now lives to expect that. The Smiths have no control or say in how that tax is to be used or if it going to benefit anyone, it goes to treasury and they allocate it to wherever. So with that in mind and returning to the multi rich oil companies why in the eyes of the smart senate should they be exempt these extra taxes just because the cannot be channelled back to petrol/gas pump. Why cant they be the same as everyone else and have the taxes go toward education hospitals and all other underfunded utilities. What are you nuts?  Youre fighting a war for oil funded by the Smiths and oil company fat cats are sitting back getting richer with senate approval. God Bless America.


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