Never Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Never put all your eggs in one basket, I dont know who is attributed to saying that and I cant be bothered to find out. I think the government of the state of Western Australia should though, what a balls up they have made with this gas chaos. It beggars belief that with all the resourses in the north west just one dim witted company with no forsight and no government overview for a back up plan can throw the state into such a mess.  The amazing thing is they dont have the equipment here in Australia to fix it, but theres a chance they might have found some, somewhere. The longer this fiasco goes on the worse it gets and the suggestion that the residential citizens of our fair state turn off their gas warmers to assist the corporations to keep their huge profits alive and by keeping industry going is great especially when the Pollie that makes the suggestion (Tom Stevens) is the pollie for the pilbara or kimberley region that enjoys lovely weather this time of year. Its pissing rain and 8C and they want us to turn off our heating. Sure kill off a few more pensioners. that will suit the federal government down to the ground make it a lot easier than giving them money for food. This gas business is a disaster and nobody is putting their hand up to take the blame for being short sighted. Just get the project up and running, grab the huge profits at all costs, well now youve  f…ked up big time all of you, greedy profit taking businesses and politicians because you “Put All Your Eggs In One Basket” and you wont go cold and you wont loose your job and you wont go hungry………..your just a bunch of greedy bastards.


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