TELSTRA……Hole Diggers for BIGPOND

The following is a letter I emailed to the above idiots. I had written a blog about this situation months ago.

Can you please explain why you see yourselves as  efficient you can send a person to dig a hole over the main telephone junction box in the street outside my house then abandon it for 9 months. We have had the most rain in decades here and Im sure it would be difficult to find a fool silly enough to do what TELSTRA does. Dig holes put a frame around it then leave it for months and months. Presumable the person that dug the hole has been paid and as I have had to put sometthing over the hole to keep the rain out you should pay me also. Invest in TELSTRA what a joke Id sooner go to the TAB. I guess thats where you lot came up with the name BIGPOND, dig holes everywhere and I mean everywhere and just let the rain fill them up. If it wasnt so bloody stupid it would be funny.

Even trying to submit this letter was a joke in itself, you must have a mobile phone number with at least 10 digits, really, and if you dont have a mobile phone then what. Telstra, Banks and Investment business’s are a disgrace with what they do with other peoples money, if Mr Average had the opportunity to do what they do and actaully did it  he/she would be jailed as a criminal. These people are legalised criminals and we are the victims, our planet needs climate control we also need control over these assholes.

Microsoft Vista…..RIP

I havent had anything to complain about Vista lately, I would hate it if you thought Im happy with it, thats not true but I have to admit that since I removed Vista to the rubbish bin and installed XP Pro I havent had any problems at all. Someone did email me and said he was very happy with Vista and I can only say good luck and I hope it continues, but he was the only one to give it the thumbs up. Everyone else that emailed me agreed with me and even had more to add of their awful experiences with the plague called Vista. It is noticeable that when you buy a new computer now you get the option of what OS you would like. That to me tells a story.

Am I Going To Be Proved Right

 I wrote earlier that I was concerned about the chinese takeover of our resources in the north of Western  Australia, Now the Japanese have got the right to build the new shipping port in the Geralton area. The premier says there is no nationality bias in the decision its the Japanese that are better equipped or words to that effect. It just goes to show what is actually being done with the profits from the resources boom, its out of the question for the money from the profits be used to keep the infrastructure of our country in Australian hands. The Geralton Port Authority will run it but you cant convince me that the japanese will have no import in what goes on.  This state is being sold out to the highest bidder and Queensland isnt far behind us, other countries now want their coal. Even the Whitsunday Islands are under threat, nothing is sacred anymore, Greenpeace is mounting a campaign to help save the islands and draw world attention to the bloody liberties that are being taken in this country, and what a useless bunch of politicians we have that allow all this to happen. So everyone just keep an eye on Ebay, who knows what will be up for grabs in whats becoming a giveaway at any price Australia………..Where will it end.

She’ll Be Right Mate

Its a sad day for aussies who have their investments in the NAB or the ANZ banks, or is it. Just out of the blue the banks can right off a billion dollars or two because of problems in the United States. Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac stuffed em right up the kyber. So I guess thats a couple of billion they wont have to pay taxes on which should ease their pain. What a f…k…g joke. When I was truck driving and taxi driving I often made bad investments but I wasnt allowed to wipe it off, I still had to pay my taxes. Mind you, my investments were made in a government establishment with the most honest and sincere intentions and I always sought to try and get the highest dividend for my investment. So why wasnt I allowed to declare those losses to the tax office as an investment that wasnt thought out properly and my losses unforseen. There are many hard working Australians investing money every week to try and make ends meet and get a bit of extra cash to feed the family. Their money is accepted by the TAB (Totalisator Agency Board) with a smile and a courteous good luck and its not the investors fault if the horse gets beat. The investor watches the market and adds up the pros and cons before placing HIS money in the arena so why cant he wipe off his losses. WHY? because if he tells anyone he s done his dough on the nags he is branded a bloody mug and should know better.  So heres these other smarties  called bankers, well dressed, all full of financial bullshit that nobody understands and when you do start to understand they make up new words to throw you off, these smarties invest OTHER PEOPLES money in another country and lose it then wipe it off to avoid tax presumably, but it isnt/wasnt theirs to begin with so whos the bloody mug or better still whats the difference between a horse punter and a banker. The difference is the banker is totally protected and can get away with what he likes but the horse punter has to abide by the rules and pay up regardless. Australia is a democracy, for some that is, but not for ordinary working Australians. Advance Austrailia Unfair……..She’ Be Right Mate.

Climate Change….Emission Control

Ok let me know if I have this right or not. To save our planet and for the future of our kids and their kids and so on its neccessary to control carbon emission being spewed  out into the atmosphere and its going to be expensive but we are supposedly going to be compensated to supplement the costs. Ok Ive got that much, my feeble brain can absorb that, but the Liberal Partyponces dont want it to happen until China India USA and all and sundry do it first. So, if we do do it first would it be right to assume that emission controls in Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Perth and Adelaide would in fact make the air in those cities better to breath and make for a better quality of life for its population or have I got it wrong. I do realise that globally its neccessary for everyone in every heavy industry country has to put in to practice. But the argument put forward by the liberals is in effect saying that perth wont benefit from its clean air if New Delhi or San Francisco isnt doing the same, Im sorry but I think its a load of bollocks and they are just opposing for opposing sake. This only goes to show what a shower of shit we have on “Planet Camberra” that are trying to stuff this country up and achieving it too. My opinion is, if it needs to be done do it, its no surprise that this government was going to do it if elected so whats all the fuss about.

While Im on the subject of “Planet Camberra” it is good to see that the Liberals have a new spokesman to speak for them and advise them on political matters. Barnaby Joyce supposedly “Family Last Party” or better known as the thinking mans draft excluder suggests to the Libs that “WE” should have grinning Costello back on the front bench. Nice guy Costell has spent 8 months on the back bench writing a book using his laptop and getting paid a pollies wage to do it. God help us what a bunch of crap they are.

Managing Australia’s Wealth

Juillet 23, 2008
Gestion de patrimoine de l’Australie
Son très intéressant quand vous commencez à vous plonger dans les chiffres et les faits qui font partie de notre merveilleux pays, et là où il était le nôtre, mais maintenant il est un doute quant à qui possède maintenant.

La richesse de l’Australie de matières premières sont illimitées, le charbon, l’or, du minerai de fer, l’uranium (pas toutes extraites) de gaz naturel, du blé, de moutons, de bovins, de la laine et probablement d’autres peuvent être ajoutées à celles J’ai mentionné. Thats un ensemble beaucoup des exportations et une beaucoup d’argent en venir, un grand nombre de pâte. Millionnaires et milliardaires sont créés au lendemain somptueux maisons et des modes de vie sont la norme pour ceux qui la chance d’être dans la tranche de revenu élevé aux côtés des hommes politiques qui font les règles et les lois qui permettent seuls à profiter des avantages financiers de cette grande publicité boom. Alors, où tout cela argent et sa distribution équitable, je ne le crois pas. Les grandes entreprises, soit payer des taxes ou des redevances, Je pense que les matières premières appartiennent à tous les Australiens et les gens qui font de l’argent d’entre eux devraient aussi payer des impôts.

Voici quelques chiffres…… .. A propos de maintenant notre population s’élève à 21.372.029 personnes en OZ…… .. de ceux-ci, environ 4.000.000 enfants de 14 et moins. Chômeurs environ 470,000. Ces chiffres sont Je viens de recevoir d’Internet afin Im guidé par cela.

Mon avis est, avec tout l’argent qui est acquis par les salariés et ces sociétés riches d’impôts et les redevances ainsi que les déchets qu’il est sans doute je ne vois aucune raison pour que toute personne salariée qui gagne 40,000 $ ou moins par année devraient payer de l’impôt à tous. Compte tenu du fait que tout ce que nous mangeons, buvons, l’usure, et généralement utilisés dans notre vie de tous les jours est imposé à la poignée de toute façon pourquoi le cant struggleing, être exempts de ces impôts personnels. La richesse de nos matières premières et de l’industrie et les gains devraient être consacrés à notre infrastructure de base, l’éducation des hôpitaux, des transports, de soins pour les retraités et les personnes défavorisées, etc, sur son temps, les gouvernements ont commencé à mettre ordinaire peuple australien eux-mêmes d’abord et en aval de l’argent illicite hiérarchie…. I Just émerveillement pourquoi son impossible garder 22 millions habitants dans raisonnables vie lieu de meulage à s’endetter et misère.

Managing Australia’s Wealth

Its all very interesting when you start to delve into figures and facts that make up our wonderful country, well it used to be ours but now there is some doubt as to who owns it now.

The wealth of Australia’s raw materials are boundless, coal,gold, iron ore, uranium (not all mined) natural gas, wheat,sheep,cattle,wool and probably more can be added to those Ive mentioned. Overall thats a lot of exports and a lot of money coming in, a lot of dough. Millionaires and billionaires are created overnight lavish houses and lifestyles are the norm for those fortunate enough to be in the high income bracket alongside the politicians who make the rules and laws that allow the few to reap the financial benefits of this much publicised boom. So where does all this money go and is its distribution fair, I think not. Big companies either pay taxes or royalties, I think the raw materials belong to all Australians and the people who make the money out of them should pay taxes also.

Here are some figures…….. About now our population stands at 21.372.029 people in OZ……..of these there are approximately 4.000.000 children 14 and under. Unemployed approximately 470.000. These are figures I just got off the net so Im guided by that.

My opinion is, this with all the money that is being accrued by the employed and these rich companies from taxes and royalties and the waste that there undoubtably is I can see no reason why any employed person that earns $40.000 or less a year should pay tax at all. Based on the fact that everything we eat, drink, wear, and generally use in our everyday life is taxed to the hilt anyway why cant the struggleing,  be free of these personal taxes.  The wealth from our raw materials and and industrial gains should be spent on our basic infrastructure, hospitals education, transport, care for pensioners and the disadvantaged etc, its about time the governments started to put ordinary Australian people first and themselves further down the money grabbing pecking order….I Just wonder why its impossible to keep 22 million people living in a reasonable lifestyle instead of grinding them into debt and misery.

The Church As I knew It

In the early part of my life I went to church, or should I say I was sent to church it was an avenue that was available to get me out of my parents hair so to speak. So as a kid I went to sunday school and learned about the bible, Jesus and so on. I went to the closest church to home a Methodist church did not have a clue what that meant and still dont. But we came home on sunday afternoons with a religious paper and some stickers as little gifts. From there with a gap in between I went to a Congregational Church to join the Boys Brigade that involved more than just sundays. I played soccer for them and played the bugle in the band and we marched around the streets on a sunday prior to a church service. I went as many as three times to a church service on some sundays. Now you have to realise that after the war in the late 40s and early 50s it was the churches that ran the boys and girls clubs and so it was natural to be involved and learn churchie things and stuff. I sang hymns and prayed and quite liked it and still remember quite a lot of it. So thats my introduction to any religious thoughts I may have. I dont go to church now cept for the weddings funerals and such. So with this part of my life behind me I am  now inspired to write this blog.

I regard myself as a humanist be that true or not I help others where and when I can and if im able to oblige. I have a neighbour who lives next door who attends church every week but chooses not to talk to me  and hasnt for some years now because he wasnt allowed to cut down a tree in my garden. He would regard himself as a christian. Never once did I not assist that man when he needed help…………………….. So the reason for this blog.

I read now in the newspapers and hear on the news that there is a big shamozzle withing the church, anglicans I think thats going to lead to a breakup or shunning of certain american and canadian churches and even the Archbishop of Canterbury. Its due I think because of recognition of gay bishops…… (who cares)…….. but what annoys me is the words that are now used by these churchie spruckers, too liberal or too conservative, these are all political words to me and I can understand why people dont give a rats ass for the church anymore its become a big dress up club for these so called religious leaders. They are so out of touch, they do nothing but criticise each other and want control of what…. The Bible?… Thats where it all started isnt it? you believe it or you dont, its there if you want it, if you want to go to church and have a good sing go for it, you want to pray go for it. Theres no need to fill the news radios or newspapers with all the bullshit of who likes who and who does what because the church doesnt influence the average person anymore the more you fight each other ther further away YOU get. So go back to Sunday School and sing Jesus wants me for a sunbeam then you might start to brighten our lives or alternately all you differing groups just go write your own Bible the way YOU want  then you wont have any conflict will you. ……….My Opinion

Department of Planning and Infrastructure

The above named Department is about to be renamed the Department of Total Bollocks. Has anyone ever heard or read the crap thats coming from that sewer whilst trying to answer questions about their total inability to manage and ensure that australians personal information is kept secret and secure. A junior staff member sold information to Wilson Parking so they could recoup parking fines. This junior, presumably on school work experience was given the task (unbeknown to his/her superiors) of selling the information. Nobody has seen fit to ask the question yet as to how he/she arrived at a determined price for the information. Anyway having blamed this junior for this awful “MISTAKE” up pops another group whos information is on the wanted list. Taxi Drivers information was sold to the  airport authorities again to retrieve fines, so what the F…k is going on here. Where’s Allana? she the boss, what does the future of this department have in store for us, can she tell us. My suggestion is to scrap the department and the minister (that should have been long before this) and store all our information on EBAY then anyone who wants it can bid for it and each individual as his/her information is sold gets the money and that can be transfered to pay the outstanding fines.

What guarrantee do we have that these employees at the Department of P. and I  are not selling our information privately and pocketing the money. There are definate grounds for prosecution here and the guilty so called public servants should be named and exposed and there information made public to us.