Climate Change….Emission Control

Ok let me know if I have this right or not. To save our planet and for the future of our kids and their kids and so on its neccessary to control carbon emission being spewed  out into the atmosphere and its going to be expensive but we are supposedly going to be compensated to supplement the costs. Ok Ive got that much, my feeble brain can absorb that, but the Liberal Partyponces dont want it to happen until China India USA and all and sundry do it first. So, if we do do it first would it be right to assume that emission controls in Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Perth and Adelaide would in fact make the air in those cities better to breath and make for a better quality of life for its population or have I got it wrong. I do realise that globally its neccessary for everyone in every heavy industry country has to put in to practice. But the argument put forward by the liberals is in effect saying that perth wont benefit from its clean air if New Delhi or San Francisco isnt doing the same, Im sorry but I think its a load of bollocks and they are just opposing for opposing sake. This only goes to show what a shower of shit we have on “Planet Camberra” that are trying to stuff this country up and achieving it too. My opinion is, if it needs to be done do it, its no surprise that this government was going to do it if elected so whats all the fuss about.

While Im on the subject of “Planet Camberra” it is good to see that the Liberals have a new spokesman to speak for them and advise them on political matters. Barnaby Joyce supposedly “Family Last Party” or better known as the thinking mans draft excluder suggests to the Libs that “WE” should have grinning Costello back on the front bench. Nice guy Costell has spent 8 months on the back bench writing a book using his laptop and getting paid a pollies wage to do it. God help us what a bunch of crap they are.


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