She’ll Be Right Mate

Its a sad day for aussies who have their investments in the NAB or the ANZ banks, or is it. Just out of the blue the banks can right off a billion dollars or two because of problems in the United States. Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac stuffed em right up the kyber. So I guess thats a couple of billion they wont have to pay taxes on which should ease their pain. What a f…k…g joke. When I was truck driving and taxi driving I often made bad investments but I wasnt allowed to wipe it off, I still had to pay my taxes. Mind you, my investments were made in a government establishment with the most honest and sincere intentions and I always sought to try and get the highest dividend for my investment. So why wasnt I allowed to declare those losses to the tax office as an investment that wasnt thought out properly and my losses unforseen. There are many hard working Australians investing money every week to try and make ends meet and get a bit of extra cash to feed the family. Their money is accepted by the TAB (Totalisator Agency Board) with a smile and a courteous good luck and its not the investors fault if the horse gets beat. The investor watches the market and adds up the pros and cons before placing HIS money in the arena so why cant he wipe off his losses. WHY? because if he tells anyone he s done his dough on the nags he is branded a bloody mug and should know better.  So heres these other smarties  called bankers, well dressed, all full of financial bullshit that nobody understands and when you do start to understand they make up new words to throw you off, these smarties invest OTHER PEOPLES money in another country and lose it then wipe it off to avoid tax presumably, but it isnt/wasnt theirs to begin with so whos the bloody mug or better still whats the difference between a horse punter and a banker. The difference is the banker is totally protected and can get away with what he likes but the horse punter has to abide by the rules and pay up regardless. Australia is a democracy, for some that is, but not for ordinary working Australians. Advance Austrailia Unfair……..She’ Be Right Mate.


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