Am I Going To Be Proved Right

 I wrote earlier that I was concerned about the chinese takeover of our resources in the north of Western  Australia, Now the Japanese have got the right to build the new shipping port in the Geralton area. The premier says there is no nationality bias in the decision its the Japanese that are better equipped or words to that effect. It just goes to show what is actually being done with the profits from the resources boom, its out of the question for the money from the profits be used to keep the infrastructure of our country in Australian hands. The Geralton Port Authority will run it but you cant convince me that the japanese will have no import in what goes on.  This state is being sold out to the highest bidder and Queensland isnt far behind us, other countries now want their coal. Even the Whitsunday Islands are under threat, nothing is sacred anymore, Greenpeace is mounting a campaign to help save the islands and draw world attention to the bloody liberties that are being taken in this country, and what a useless bunch of politicians we have that allow all this to happen. So everyone just keep an eye on Ebay, who knows what will be up for grabs in whats becoming a giveaway at any price Australia………..Where will it end.


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