TELSTRA……Hole Diggers for BIGPOND

The following is a letter I emailed to the above idiots. I had written a blog about this situation months ago.

Can you please explain why you see yourselves as  efficient you can send a person to dig a hole over the main telephone junction box in the street outside my house then abandon it for 9 months. We have had the most rain in decades here and Im sure it would be difficult to find a fool silly enough to do what TELSTRA does. Dig holes put a frame around it then leave it for months and months. Presumable the person that dug the hole has been paid and as I have had to put sometthing over the hole to keep the rain out you should pay me also. Invest in TELSTRA what a joke Id sooner go to the TAB. I guess thats where you lot came up with the name BIGPOND, dig holes everywhere and I mean everywhere and just let the rain fill them up. If it wasnt so bloody stupid it would be funny.

Even trying to submit this letter was a joke in itself, you must have a mobile phone number with at least 10 digits, really, and if you dont have a mobile phone then what. Telstra, Banks and Investment business’s are a disgrace with what they do with other peoples money, if Mr Average had the opportunity to do what they do and actaully did it  he/she would be jailed as a criminal. These people are legalised criminals and we are the victims, our planet needs climate control we also need control over these assholes.


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