Managing Australia’s Wealth

Its all very interesting when you start to delve into figures and facts that make up our wonderful country, well it used to be ours but now there is some doubt as to who owns it now.

The wealth of Australia’s raw materials are boundless, coal,gold, iron ore, uranium (not all mined) natural gas, wheat,sheep,cattle,wool and probably more can be added to those Ive mentioned. Overall thats a lot of exports and a lot of money coming in, a lot of dough. Millionaires and billionaires are created overnight lavish houses and lifestyles are the norm for those fortunate enough to be in the high income bracket alongside the politicians who make the rules and laws that allow the few to reap the financial benefits of this much publicised boom. So where does all this money go and is its distribution fair, I think not. Big companies either pay taxes or royalties, I think the raw materials belong to all Australians and the people who make the money out of them should pay taxes also.

Here are some figures…….. About now our population stands at 21.372.029 people in OZ……..of these there are approximately 4.000.000 children 14 and under. Unemployed approximately 470.000. These are figures I just got off the net so Im guided by that.

My opinion is, this with all the money that is being accrued by the employed and these rich companies from taxes and royalties and the waste that there undoubtably is I can see no reason why any employed person that earns $40.000 or less a year should pay tax at all. Based on the fact that everything we eat, drink, wear, and generally use in our everyday life is taxed to the hilt anyway why cant the struggleing,  be free of these personal taxes.  The wealth from our raw materials and and industrial gains should be spent on our basic infrastructure, hospitals education, transport, care for pensioners and the disadvantaged etc, its about time the governments started to put ordinary Australian people first and themselves further down the money grabbing pecking order….I Just wonder why its impossible to keep 22 million people living in a reasonable lifestyle instead of grinding them into debt and misery.


The Church As I knew It

In the early part of my life I went to church, or should I say I was sent to church it was an avenue that was available to get me out of my parents hair so to speak. So as a kid I went to sunday school and learned about the bible, Jesus and so on. I went to the closest church to home a Methodist church did not have a clue what that meant and still dont. But we came home on sunday afternoons with a religious paper and some stickers as little gifts. From there with a gap in between I went to a Congregational Church to join the Boys Brigade that involved more than just sundays. I played soccer for them and played the bugle in the band and we marched around the streets on a sunday prior to a church service. I went as many as three times to a church service on some sundays. Now you have to realise that after the war in the late 40s and early 50s it was the churches that ran the boys and girls clubs and so it was natural to be involved and learn churchie things and stuff. I sang hymns and prayed and quite liked it and still remember quite a lot of it. So thats my introduction to any religious thoughts I may have. I dont go to church now cept for the weddings funerals and such. So with this part of my life behind me I am  now inspired to write this blog.

I regard myself as a humanist be that true or not I help others where and when I can and if im able to oblige. I have a neighbour who lives next door who attends church every week but chooses not to talk to me  and hasnt for some years now because he wasnt allowed to cut down a tree in my garden. He would regard himself as a christian. Never once did I not assist that man when he needed help…………………….. So the reason for this blog.

I read now in the newspapers and hear on the news that there is a big shamozzle withing the church, anglicans I think thats going to lead to a breakup or shunning of certain american and canadian churches and even the Archbishop of Canterbury. Its due I think because of recognition of gay bishops…… (who cares)…….. but what annoys me is the words that are now used by these churchie spruckers, too liberal or too conservative, these are all political words to me and I can understand why people dont give a rats ass for the church anymore its become a big dress up club for these so called religious leaders. They are so out of touch, they do nothing but criticise each other and want control of what…. The Bible?… Thats where it all started isnt it? you believe it or you dont, its there if you want it, if you want to go to church and have a good sing go for it, you want to pray go for it. Theres no need to fill the news radios or newspapers with all the bullshit of who likes who and who does what because the church doesnt influence the average person anymore the more you fight each other ther further away YOU get. So go back to Sunday School and sing Jesus wants me for a sunbeam then you might start to brighten our lives or alternately all you differing groups just go write your own Bible the way YOU want  then you wont have any conflict will you. ……….My Opinion

Department of Planning and Infrastructure

The above named Department is about to be renamed the Department of Total Bollocks. Has anyone ever heard or read the crap thats coming from that sewer whilst trying to answer questions about their total inability to manage and ensure that australians personal information is kept secret and secure. A junior staff member sold information to Wilson Parking so they could recoup parking fines. This junior, presumably on school work experience was given the task (unbeknown to his/her superiors) of selling the information. Nobody has seen fit to ask the question yet as to how he/she arrived at a determined price for the information. Anyway having blamed this junior for this awful “MISTAKE” up pops another group whos information is on the wanted list. Taxi Drivers information was sold to the  airport authorities again to retrieve fines, so what the F…k is going on here. Where’s Allana? she the boss, what does the future of this department have in store for us, can she tell us. My suggestion is to scrap the department and the minister (that should have been long before this) and store all our information on EBAY then anyone who wants it can bid for it and each individual as his/her information is sold gets the money and that can be transfered to pay the outstanding fines.

What guarrantee do we have that these employees at the Department of P. and I  are not selling our information privately and pocketing the money. There are definate grounds for prosecution here and the guilty so called public servants should be named and exposed and there information made public to us.

How Far Will China Go

A follow up from my previous blog concerning the chinese takeover, just cast your sights to the situation in the Congo and dont just palm it off oh that cant happen here in Australia. In the day of the Charles Court Liberal Government the accusations were flying around that we were being sold out to the Japanese and that frightened everyone here with few exceptions and now it seems history is repeating itself with another player from the lands above us. CHINA. I cannot understand how we can just let the countries take control of our resources and and applaud their investments here. Perhaps its because in my cynical view that none of this huge investment money appears to make its way back to the ordinary people that rely on ordinary things that make life bearable for them. Things like efficient hospitals, transport, education facilities, security within our police forces and even the  carers and pensioners.  everyone of the mentioned are in some dispute with the government about their pay and conditions yet this is the BOOM state. I guess it is but for WHOM, politicians blow hot air and use rhetoric that means very little to Mr/Mrs/Ms Average, the old Australian Dream of a quarter acre and a house when by the boards years ago and thats because rotten management by all political parties have let it happen, but theres no poor pollie is there, no way, his/her little jam tin is full. While Mr/Mrs/Ms Average is concerned about the cost of running his/her car and pensioners raid rubbish bins for food this is the states affluence full steam ahead. The Resources Boom Whoopee For Some. The worse off we get the more we should be worried about foreign takeovers and mergers but we are not as complacent as the pollies think we are. We want to live within the state or nations wealth and thats nothing more than we deserve dont hoard it, our governments have little or no trouble to find millions of dollars for relief of disasters in other countries but cannot find anything for Australians without reviews, boards, enquiries and committees and yet the Prime Minister and all his other henchmen walk around with smiles and act like the doers of good deeds yet in truth they are our enemies. As a parting remark just think for a moment, the pollies actually have the title “Honourable”………Belinda Neal?  do I need to say anymore and there is a whole list of these honourables over the years that should have been behind bars. But dont despair just enjoy you chicken chow mein, if you can afford it once the poor mans dinner was “fish and chips” if you had a party and decided to serve that up youd need a bank loan now…………….enough too distressing

Australia:- Where are we heading

Did it really come as a shock that countries like Russia, China, Vietnam and others vetoed the UN resolution to impose harsher sanctions on Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, after all they are countries that would rather sell a bullet to a government that rules by brutality than give a slice of bread to the people being brutalised. South Africa applauded the veto to allow dialogue and Mugabe called it a victory. Tabo Mbeki a mediator for his mate Mugabe the butcher. Mbeki allowed the Zimbabweans to be ill treated and persecuted when they fled to South Africa now he talks of dialogue. The man is a disgrace and no better than Mugabe. Russia is Russia, untrustworthy a loose canon to say the best. If it means keeping people down trodden then Russia will support it, its the way of life for them. But China is a different kettle of fish,  what are they up to, bounding unlimited wealth. though not all chinese would think so for they are kept in the dark also. But my concern is right here on my doorstep in Western Australia. Forty years ago all we cared about in regards to the chinese was that the served up a good dish of Chop Suey, Chow Mein and crispy noodles, but not anymore. Our mining companies are being bought out by the chinese and one wonders where this will end or should I say has something more sinister begun. Australia is in dire need of workers its an everyday complaint from government and industry circles so is it possible that these new business owners might bring in their own workers. Then whats next on the agenda for takeover, our coal, gold. other raw materials that  they have their eyes on, are we being dictated to by greedy shareholders who just want a big dollar? I dont know, but I am concerned amd maybe I shouldnt be but I like the name Australia and somehow Chinostralia doesnt sound right…………..Is it a worry or not.

Climate Change………..Emission Trading Etc.

Australia is about to lead he way with Climate Control and undertake to lead the way in saving our planet. Sounds good doesnt it, Australia a world leader, showing the world what needs to be done. Its a wonderful subject at this time and all the media is full of it, doesnt matter which way you turn you front it head on. At a massive cost we are going to undertake this task and lead the world. Saving this planet is not a one nation job there are still nations that are not signatories to Kyoto. Nevertheless heads down and ass up we are going to show them. But what does it mean to Mr/Mrs/Ms Average the ordinary person, it means what we are told is that everything is going to be more expensive and we will be compensated. Like F…k we will, no government anywhere has ever delivered a fair share policy to average citizens and this Australian Government wont either. The main worries already is the big companies getting their hands on whatever money the emission trading permits generate and when its all broken down you know who the losers are going to be dont you, US the idiots that put our faith in the polititiians even though we know they are the biggest liars that God shovelled guts into, especially the Australian Opposition who when in government over the 12 years preceeding november wouldnt even sign up for Kyoto and have never shown any sign of any guts at all. So what does it all mean to the average person, we are not stupid enough to not know  that it is important for the future of the planet and the future of the generations to come, so why are we worried or more to the point why am I worried.   I acknowledge the Greenhouse Effect is a major world problem and has to be dealt with, sooner than later but I query the timing and the shadow effect it is having on other issues that affect me and people like me daily. The price of petrol/gas and food and transport are everyday problems right NOW. NOW, today and tomorrow and there is no let up in sight, only more of the same gloom. $A 21 was awarded to day for lower income earners to take effect in October, 3 months away, thats supposed to help. Pensioners have to wait until a report due in February comes out to see if they are in need, so the best you can hope for there is something in the May budget. If a polititian gets a pay rise it takes immediate effect, them and us, rich and poor. The sad thing is a fortune is spent on military equipment and logistical infrastructure when the reality is if this country Australia was attacked we with these pollies that cant organise peacetime social problems do not have the brains to organise the country’s defence. Yet most of the budget is spent on defence.

Im sorry and fully aware the icecaps are melting and the temerature is rising at an alarming rate and something has to be done and should be done. But lets take care of the people who are trying to live in todays world first and let them provide the energy it takes to give full support to world issues. This can only be achieved when we the ordinary people have a full stomach and have a feeling of security thats not being eroded by big businesses and polititians………..thats my view.