Whats in a name, Lou was very funny with his friend Bud Abbott, Elvis was good to listen to and a very good entertainer. These of course were all american. Look what we got, Bloody Peter and his mate Tony Abbott teamed up with Turnbull and Nelson and days of crap in the media all wondering and licking his ass to return to their front bench. The thought of him grinning at us again sends a cold chill down my spine, mind you that might get rid of the wicked witch of the west that we are blessed with right now who moosh could be used to  haunt. Nelson is heading overseas to spread his happy disposition to the Poms and the Yanks, god do they know what they are in for.  But it might give us some peace from Costello’s bullshit and his book that he has written while sitting on the back bench at public expence.  Who would want to read it anyway 12 years of him was enough for me, but if its printed on toilet paper it might be worth buying. When you see these guys together they look the shiftyest looking bunch you could set your eyes on, chuck in Joe and you got the whole crazy gang.

On a different note we are all learning to shop a lot more carefully these days, coles and woolies better beware we might get used to it and then see how your inflated profits take a dive. You have both taken advantage of our situation through this difficult time with petrol and interest rates so high. I hope you suffer for it later.

The reserve bank has kept the interest rates on hold and maybe they MAY fall next month or the month after. Big deal the banks put the rates up above theirs twice so what difference is that going to make whatever the reserve bank does. If the banks have no obligation to pass on rate drops to their customers whats the point whatever they do. Banks have now joined the ranks of the lowest of the low but they have plenty of mates down there they have now  joined the politicians.


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