State Election—–2008

Its election time again, break out the rat poison the pollies are on the loose. Free transport for pensioners, that might help fill up a few empty buses that roam around the suburb during the day. What a load of crap, free transport to where? the shops? in case this guy hasnt heard we need some extra cash to spend on food for ourselves. I wonder what the resourse boom boom state premier  is going to come up with, what about taxing the mining companies that should raise a few bob. That plus the royalties would be a nice little earner for everyone. Whatever they say wont be worth knowing and the recycling of Mr Barnett shows what a state we are in when it comes to politicians. If he had any guts he d stick to his guns and bring water down from the Ord and make the mining companies pay for it. What about Liz Constable the Independent Traitor.  Shame on you lady.                                   How much loot do you think the Japanese and the  now the Chinese are going to take out of the west in iron ore. Now the Japanese are going to build a port at Geralton and the West Australians are going to manage it, so the Japs are now their employers. Great Stuff.  All the political bullshit is going to be put out online on websites, I for one wont be reading it and the West Australian Newspaper is going to have to find its own political material elsewhere it seems. Not that they print anything of interest anyway but with dwindling circulation they might buck their ideas up. So our votes are up for grabs so do the right thing folks and dont vote for any of them, you may not get any extra cash but you’ll sleep well with a clear concience.


One thought on “State Election—–2008

  1. Slightly altered to protect the Senator. Hi people, I’m fed up to the back teeth of all the whinging and no positive action or feed back. In the old days I had to fight to get what I, or my country needed of me, the same as many of you had to do.

    So here’s a clue get off your backside’s stop crying and start fighting again, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten how to, and we can beat the self serving political egotist’s at their own game.

    Email your local senator on how to avoid your vote going to one of the major party’s which you have no control over, and get them to send a sample of how to vote for their party, so that it gives you plenty of time to see where your vote is going to end up, if it will end up with a major party don’t vote for them as this is the only way the bastards will sit up and take notice.

    As on Polling day you generally want to get in and out as quick as you can with the attitude “what’s it matter, the major’s will get in anyway”. Remember, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. I hope this below will help you guy’s.

    Reply in part: example is, we preference another minor if that party has already dropped out the preferences flow to the next on our ticket and so on down the list till they get to a party that is still in the race – as I said hopefully we stay in the race to the end and our preferences don’t go anywhere. The voter of course can *”vote below the line”* in the upper house and decide where the preferences go *”themselves”*.

    Have to warn you that where we do recommend preferences (which I think will be most seats) they will eventually go to a major because as I said you have to number all the boxes. Sometimes we *”don’t”* recommend it, for ie, have an open ticket or have split ticket (which is basically how to preference either major), the problem with these is we get very negative feedback from voters because they get very confused – can’t win either way it seems.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: (Senator)
    To: Soapy 11
    Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2008 11:15 PM
    Subject: RE: Pensions

    Hi Soapy
    Thanks for your email, yes I’m aware of the frustrations of many pensioners right now. On the preference question in the lower house we can’t direct preferences, we can recommend but not direct, we also don’t have an optional preference system in WA so voters have to decide where their preferences will go – which is at this stage still to either of the two major parties. At this stage I can’t tell you what our recommendations are in each seat as these are currently being decided. In the upper house to lodge a preference ticket we have to number all the boxes and the preferences might end up with one of the majors although we try to preference minors and independents first, we of course hope our votes stay with us and we get elected.
    regards: (Senator)

    —–Original Message—–
    From: :soapy@
    Sent: Mon 18/08/2008 12:23 AM
    To: (Senator)
    Subject: Pensioners

    Dear Senator,
    I have previously emailed your party but never received
    a satisfactory reply, the question is simple enough. Does your party use
    preference votes to give to the major party’s? The reason I ask is that many
    thousands of seniors and pensioners are sick to death of the constant two
    Party system, and preference votes ensures that either party is bound to
    take government. Their only difference being one prefers sniffing chairs
    while the other one keeps a bogey man in the closet. Essentially in WA it would be a pristine time to let the public know your
    party’s use of preferences are, especially after the NT results. Or, if you
    have no intention of using them. Imagine if you will, the icy chill of fear
    running down the chosen ones spines in Canberra, as well as WA and the other
    states, that not only pensioners and the like, but the general public has
    had enough of the performing penguins of both sides of politics.

    It’s time for commonsense, honesty and integrity to make a comeback like a
    breath of fresh air, and it is as sure as hell that changing bloody light
    bulbs aint gonna cut it and trying to pass the buck onto the public is
    woeful. I can see them now crying, it wasn’t our fault, it was the
    opposition as we all slowly sink into the abyss. Thank you for your time.
    Regards Soapy11

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