Wall Street………Where’s it all gone

The problems that have occured just recently that requires a government bail-out is typical when one adopts an “Ooslem Bird” mentality to investments.

For those  of you that are not familiar  with the Ooslem Bird Il fill you in. Its a bird that flies around in ever decreasing circles and vanishes up its own ass. So you can see what I mean by the Ooslem Bird mentality towards investment. Here we have all these financial smarties in Manhatten shuffling billions of non existant dollars around from one place to another in so called investments, this is all paper movement the only time it is turned into real money is when they pay themseves huge and bountiful salaries and bonuses or the CEO gets his marching orders and gets his bonus for taking the blame. So you see why its like the Ooslem Bird, the paper goes around and around and then at a given point pooof it vanishes……..all $US85 billion of it. What a f….king joke. Bank robbers get life, these smarties get a loan of 85 billion……………… God Bless America


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