Wall Street – The Titanic – Whats Going to Sink Next

I think everyone knows the history of the “Titanic the unsinkable” and I guess they thought the same about Wall St but not so, they are both well and truly on the bottom. So what happens now, the latest plan is to bring in two more players, let them become banks. Who in their right mind would or has any confidence in these monetary sharks. It seems to me that in the casino of banks and investment companies when there is a total  f..k-up and somehow all the chips have got misplaced or lost and left many on the bones of their ass and jobless, the way out is to bring in two new dealers to shuffle the pack and give them a piece of the pie. Who would be crazy enough to or have reason to trust them. (sorry Mr Buffet) but whats $5 billion to you, thats like trying to buy a share in McDonalds with a McMuffin…….Enter the Feds with the Bail-Out………..$85 billion or more. Ok some might be pleased about that,  Im sure the CEO’s are but why would anyone with half a brain give $85 Billion to somebody who has just managed to loose that much and probably more, wouldnt it be better to perhaps give it to someone reliable and make sure its used properly and safely.  Now for more common sense  if you are a total idiot, enters Mr Bloomberg. Now this kind gentleman is saying that because of the loss of taxes from the Wall Street collapse there has to be cuts in spending over the next year or so at least. Cuts in neccessary infrastructure like Police, Fire Dept,  Transport and so on and on.  Now these cuts are going to affect everyday New Yorkers, he is telling you now to supposedly ease the pain, or give himself an excuse to cover all the projects that were promised but were not likely to get done anyway.  Now Mr Bloomberg if you are “FairDinkum” (Aussie for dead set  honest) why not ask the Feds to cover the short fall of taxes while they are in hand out money mode to the already rich and get the required money for your projects and services so the people who voted for you dont have to shoulder the load or go without. Why is it that Mr/Mrs/Ms Ordinary have to suffer at the hands of people whom they have no control over who squander other peoples money and create unemployment and watch while government polititians on all sides find money to bail them out which can only be seen by the most affected as a reward for inefficiency and downright greed and stupity.


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