Wall Street – Congress – Bi-Partisanship

 Now you have it in a nutshell, greedy fools  on Wall Street cause a worldwide collapse, George W. comes up with a $700 billion plan and the polititians or Lawmakers as you call them here, Lawbreakers might be a better name for them. Anyway these bright sparks that you put into office to look after your well being had a conscience vote to agree on how best to ensure the “snouts in the trough brigade” on Wall Street did nt waste the money. Of course as so many of the pollies have business interests that are far more important than the welfare and problems of the ordinary taxpayer or unemployed they just could not agree on a solution. So without going into the pro’s and con’s which every newspaper and news programme on television and everyone is sick of perhaps you can understand why my new website which will be up and running soon is called www.allpolitiansareassholes.com and I intend to bring all the crap they spruke to your attention for you to comment on and have posted.

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