West Australian Election Fiasco

What a bloody shambles in WA. a coalition of any sort with the nationals is not an option for either major party and totally unacceptable for the electorate. The Nationals having balance of power for cash for  regional developement is nothing short of holding either party to ransom.  Who would want a party with that kind of mentality having the power to run this state on its own whims and fancies. It beggars belief how these politicians think we can accept this, imagine if this was a private business can you imagine a situation like this being allowed to develope. Its obvious the electorate havent a clue who they want to govern the state so the only sensable thing to do is have another election now. Truth is none of the crap pollies in the last parliament on all sides are fit to govern anything let alone the state of Western Australia. May as  well hold a bloody lottery of al the names in the electoral roll for the seats and  give everyone and anyone a chance. The goveror should not accept or allow this negative result and call for another election. The pollies are fighting for their own wages not for the benfit of all west australians.


Alan Carpenters signature tune……”What Kind of Fool Am I”

What a twerp this man is/was, how he ran roughshod over the people of Western Australia with all the states wealth he could have done so much with. He allowed that idiot Eric Ripper to treat everyone with contempt when as treasurer he could have improved the living standards of so many. At this time it seems as though the Labour fools have lost but again its the people of West Australia that will lose out. The liberals with a recycled fool as leader who was ready to retire and his chair sniffing mate who stood aside for him. These will be our new rulers, what a joke, one might say it cant get any worse but just wait and see, there is no quality  at all in the West Australian parliament so voters just sit back and cop it. A NO vote for any of them would have been the best way to go.  Imagine life with the National Party with the balance of power, holding the state to ransom for everything they want for the few fools that voted for them, or were they fools, equality and democracy at its best down the drain.

M.T.A……………(Miserable Travel Arrangement)

 Anyone that uses the MTA must surely ask themselves if  there is anyone in the authority that comprehends the miserable service that they provide. My own personal gripe stems around Roosevelt Station, this would be regarded as a mini hub I suppose in the eyes of the authority, but thats far from true. E trains in abundance deposit travellers in large numbers to transfer to the R and V local trains at Roosevelt and it seems left to wait for long periods for these local trains to arrive. I estimate the average is at least 3-4 express trains arrive at Roosevelt station and deposit its pasengers before one local train arrives.  The length of time waiting in the stiffling heat and the build up of passengers  is  ridiculous and quite obvious to me that nobody from the MTA ever comes here and checks over a 24 hour period and especially the weekends, when to V train doesnt run at all to see that the system needs to be improved sooner than later. Its a disgrace to say the least. One other thing that amazes me is the rat infestation at the subway staions that seemingly goes unchecked hasnt anyone in the MTA heard of extermination or bateing, the problem with the New York Subway is liken only to a third world country fighting a plague. Time for the Big Apple to enter the 21st century I think and think of peoples hygiene.

NYPD…………..(Eye Candy)

Location Penn Station……Time 4.45am…..Sat 31 august.  At ths time in the morning on a saturday and I guess every saturday the station is quite busy with young people eager to get home after a friday night out in Manhatten. Most are tired after maybe an extra drink or two but all very well behaved and just minding their own business, resting and generally littering the floor with their weary bodies. One group of young females were sitting and chatting to a policeman all very friendly and for a busy railway station this was a very well behaved and peaceful scene. However at the stroke of 5am things changed as the long arm of the law exercised its authority and made everyone stand up. Nobody was allowed to sit on the floor anymore, even some gents reading their newspapers were told to stand up. I guess thats the rules and the police wee doing their job………..BUT………..the group of very attractive females that had been previously chatting to the policeman were allowed to remain sitting on the floor and I ask myself WHY. Nobody, male or female that was sitting on the floor of penn station was causing any trouble and taking up any more room than their own personal space so WHY did the police only make the males stand up. This was the most interesting piece of discrimination Ive ever seen, but who s gonna challenge a man with a gun. So I guess its a case of Eye Candy 1 male travellers 0………..very interesting.