M.T.A……….Morons Training Academy

As a traveller on the MTA daily Monday to Frday and at odd times during the weekend Aproximately 22 journeys a week in total give or take a trip or two but always 4 trips a day on weekdays, I would like to comment on this service.  There are concerns above and beyond all that is reported in the press about impending increases in fares and the  decreases in service etc. But my worry is the  standard of the employees that operate the subway trains. On several occasions when  using the system I have encountered the same situation occuring and that is when a train arrives at the station and commuters alight. That seems ok when you say it like that but when you have been polite enough to stand back to allow passengers to leave the train I think it would be nice if the moron that controls the door button would  take his/her time  to look up and down the platform to see if everyone that wants to get on is actually on the train before closing the doors.  Yesterday Monday 8th Dec at 5th and 53rd st  myself and several passengers that had actally got off the “E” train  to allow others to leave had to battle the closing doors to get back on the train. The fool operating them did open them again which made getting on easier. However overall the MTA does have a major problem in my opinion, statements reported in the press by its administrators and its infrastructure does give raise to many concerns for New Yorkers, the impending  fare increases and  cuts in service ( the weekend service is a joke to say the least  and that can be regarded as a compliment) seems to me to be putting the cart before the horse. The first cuts should be within the hieracy and beaurocracy of the MTA.  Im sure there are many employees doing nothing to very little and drawing high wages for not doing it. That should be the first cut, that way patrons can see there is something  realistic happening at the MTA.

Now, with all that said and off my chest Id really likie to give you my main concern about the system and its operators, Ive stated my experiences with the closing doors whilst trying to get on the train and the lack of concern of the door operators and thats not commenting on the garbelled messages that are unintelligable to patrons in the carriages, Ive heard parrots speak with better diction than these operators. So getting back to my main concern, The upper structure of the MTA doesnt come accross as efficent in their jobs, hence the blowout in costs, the door operstors are not safety concious at all when it comes to the patrons so may I ask this question with respect. how well trained and efficient are the TRAIN  DRIVERS  are they safety concious and aware of the resposibilities they have in their hands? ……Let me say this, f these TRAIN DRIVERS  are of a very high standard then I suggest the rest of the MTA  from bosses to train guards follow the DRIVERS  leads and adopt the same standards of TRAiNING, maybe then we might all feel  safer and be a bit happier with the system.