Airport Attack

The Sydney airport attack just goes to show how complacent our law enforcement really is. Different law agencies blaming each other for a lack of reponse to a violent and vicious attack. But what really is the problem, the problem is the ” its never going to happen here mentality” of everyone. We see movies of how the americans handle these situations and pass it off as hollywood theatrics,when the reallity is you need to show there is a force to be reckoned with if you get out of line.  There are security guards and police with army backup on show everywhere and leads to a feeling of safety whether its an overkill or not. In Western Australia and probably  over the other side  (for want of a better term) traffic violations are more important because it brings in revenue ,so put the police on the roads and behind trees with their speed guns and cameras and milk the cash cow for all its worth. Federal and state governments should be ashamed that gangs can rule and put peoples lives in jepardy during their infighting with little or no response from authority.  Police presence and authoritive security forces will cut crime and make our population at least feel safer,so stop hiding behind trees give the cash cow duties to the milking maids and get out and earn your wages.  The tactical responce group should be the first line of defence and attack for unruly out of order drunken and violent situations. Unprotected police should not be the first line of responce to these type of situations. If civilians want to wage a war then expect a responce from the TRG or the SAS they are the security forces that are equipped to quell those afrays so use them. Let the police be seen on the streets and in localities to make us feel its safe to go out for a walk or even go into Perth after dark because I certainly wouldnt go there now.


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