Extended Shopping Hours

It seems in Western Australia we are going to get shopping hours that are more or less uniform to the rest of the civilised world. Shops will stay open later. The West Australian Government is a coalition of Liberals and Misfits. The Liberals are for the extended hours and the misfits are against it, normally that would spell doom to the “Bill” in a normal parliament, but not here in Western Australia. The opposition Labour Party are going to support the government or at least the Liberal part of it so it passes through and becomes law. What a bloody shambles our state parliament is in and what a bunch of jerks we have running our lives. This is the worst set of politicians we have ever had to endure, and to think its compulsory to vote for this rubbish. My opinion for what its worth, I think shops and business’s should be allowed to operate as they think fit when demands are needed to be met.


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