west australian government

This has to be the worst government foisted on us by the nationals in the whole of west australian history. Higher food prices higher utility costs, more regulation, stiffer penalties and a total disregard for the populations welfare. Confiscation of vehicles from people who have no idea they are unlicenced due to notification failures. A backdown on burying people wth nobody to take care of a funeral. The medaeval approach of reverting to the cry “bring out your dead” what a government this is. A failure to compensate as promised the people who have suffered in the past years at the hands of authorities under the schemes that were suppose to take care of them and bring them up in a civilised way. Instead they received abuse both physical and sexual and now the government want to rob them of promised payouts that was put in place by the previous government. The list goes on, but one thing that never gets covered or dealt with is the violence that is metered out to the elderly and the vulnerable by young offenders that live under the protection of the do goodies that dont want them chastised and given the same punishment they dish out. Put the money into schemes that impose fines and penalties on people just trying to get to work,it makes sense to confiscate their vehicles doesnt it. Law and order is put into the too hard basket, it so much easier to pinch a motorist, so just pay the police to point cameras and set up road blocks and milk the cash cow for all its worth. Nobody in their right mind would vote this lot in again unless they have a wish to head for downright poverty. The ordinary person has to carry this mish mash of political rubbish through their lives like unwanted luggage. Roll on the next election when we can vote for some decent people if there are any and everything here in WA isnt owned by the chinese. Bring in chinese workers that should help unemployment in western australia. What a lousy bunch.

Tasers…………Time to think

How long are they going to continue with this brutal farce. The latest victim of the police use of a taser gun should be another nail that should be hammered into its coffin but that is not to be. The latest victim in a remote community where petrol sniffing was prevalent rushed at police whilst carrying a petrol can and cigarette lighter, the police used a taser gun to stop the man in his tracks and in doing so they caused the victim to be engulfed in flames. Both he and the policeman that tried to extinquish the flames were badly burned. So has that awful situation caused a rethink in this weapons use? NO, the outcome is that more training will be given to police to use the taser more effectively.
The police are supposedly here to maintain law and order and protect usIm not sure I approve of some of their methods. One wonders what next in the way or armoury will be swinging from their waistbelts in the name of protection.

Western Australia……..State or Mess

Where is this state heading, what are they trying to do to us. What are the Liberal/National alliance trying to prove. With all the problems that this state has it seems the police have been told to target the motorist at any costs. The latest vehicle impounding exercise is akin to turn Western Australia into a police state. There is no rationale for the draconian measures that have now become law. There are so many anomalies that can cause a person to unknowingly be aware that he/she is driving without a licence. Infringement notices and unrelated motor offences that are unproven in court can be senttowrong addresses thus making peoople totally oblivious they are driving unlicenced. Target the motorist at all costs, dont put the same amount of energy and thrust into making the streets and railway stations safe for the public, no way, the police might get hurt. Just let these tearaways rule the streets of Perth at night and weekends terrorising anyone brave enough to venture into the CBD and Northbridge. This state government should all wear black uniforms and white armbands like their counterparts of years ago. What a shame our wonderful city is being taken down this path. Whats next Messrs Barnett and Johnson.