Australian Democracy

To begin with let me show you a condenced version of democracy’s meaning but there is far more to it. This is just a basic interpretation.

political theory, democracy describes a small number of related forms of government and also a political philosophy. Even though there is no specific, universally accepted definition of ‘democracy’,[4] there are two principles that any definition of democracy includes, equality and freedom.[5] These principles are reflected by all citizens being equal before the law, and have equal access to power.[6] Additionally, all citizens are able to enjoy legitimized freedoms and liberties, which are usually protected by the constitution.[7][8]

There we have it Freedom of Liberties, equality before the law and protection under the Constitution plus much much more.

So there we have it, EQUALITY, there is no equality in Australia, its them and us and us are on the receiving end of government authority.
Failure to pay a fine for speeding, parking, fare evasion and numerous other reasons can and will lead to your motor driving licence being suspended or cancelled and if for any reason you are not aware of the driving licence suspension and you are caught driving your car then your car will be confiscated for one month and then on payment of $900 returned to you. However if after one month you havent retreaved it and it is still under police control for a further month without being collected then the police assume ownership of your car and will sell it. How does it become their property, if the initial problem is the failure to pay a fine and subsequently not paying the $900 and they sell the car for $20.000 who has the excess money.
Most of the confiscations seem to happen by means of road blocks set up by police for whatever reason and the government theft of citizens automobiles is indeed HIGHWAY ROBBERY in a very undemocratic attack on the human rights of Australian Citizens.
Hoons lose their cars because of their antics which are totally dangerous and anti-social. But what about the person who is violent in the CBD on friday and saturday nights and cause damage and injury to citizens. When they are caught (when and if) are their names checked to see if there are any oustanding fines and what is confiscated if they dont own a motor vehicle. EQUALITY? So where are we heading democratically, what path are we taking. Government is running amok with our rights under the Covernent of Human Rights. There is no democracy in this country and our rights are being taken from us by this dreadful breed of people called politicians that care for themselves and their beaurocratic cronies and work in tune with them to grind us down and keep us down. In ten years time boat people will be leaving these shores and they wont be asian they will be true Aussies trying to get away from these tyrants. Why is the media and the do gooders remaining silent and not taking these parasites to task over such an important issue.

Oil Spill Disaster

250kms (155miles) off the West Australian coast a major cotastrophy has occured. An oil drilling rig has somehow managed to rupture the earths crust with disastrous results. A hole 14 metres by 30 metres is now spilling oil into the ocean at an incredible rate and it seems it is going to be the same for at least 8 weeks. Of course the normal organisational proceedures have been in place since the drilling began, e.g. if your drilling in the ocean off the coast of north Western Australia then make sure any equipment or safety products are stored in Victoria a few thousand kilometers away. Its takes 24 hours to get the chemicals needed the disaster site, now thats good organisation. Now all the politicians have jumped on the bandwagon with all the this should have been and that should have been in place all trying to be holier than thou. The Greens are a disgrace for not making sure these precautions were in place, after all thats what they are all about or so they would have us believe, just a bunch of hypocrits like the rest of the pollies. Surely when these areas are surveyed for oil or gas exploration the seismic graphs show the possibility that the crust of the ocean bed may be susceptible to a problem before they start drilling. An idiot would have known to take these precations.

Dullsville Shopping Hours

Once again our state politicians put on a show for their own benefit to try and prove a point, but all they do is make themselves look like the jerks they are. Troy Buswell our treasurer and renown seat sniffer decided it was appropriate to throw a roll of toilet paper across the chamber (chamber is a very name fitting for our parliament) the point he was trying to make was, by not getting shopping hours changed to a common sense trading situation that prices of articles would be more expensive. Hes probably right and I think that the throwing of the toilet paper across parliament was a very fine gesture and a useful item for the assholes that occupy both sides of the house. Well done Troy you dont improve but that was well thought out.

Gorgon Gas Project

The trumpets are blaring out in the national capital our political masters are claiming a wonderful result for the nation. 50 Billion dollars in gas exports to China plus the already 20 to india. Mind you the gas field hasnt been tapped yet and the whole project is yet to built but glory hallelujah how the dough is going to flow into Australia. Giving enviromental approval is a formality, Peter Garrett past lead singer for Midnight Oil will no doubt have to toe the political line and give the project the thumbs up regardless of the ruin to the species of endangered sealife e.g. the flatback turtles that exist in that area. But putting all that aside as they will I was interested to hear the news comment that the 5% of the gas from the gas field is earmarked for local consumption, but amazingly the next comment was, that local consumers can expect to pay more for their gas. I would have thought that such a mammoth project that is generating so much wealth for the nation would have had factored into this export bonanza the means of giving the gas consumers their gas for FREE. Who is going to be the main beneficiaries of this project? We all know the politicians will gain from it but I mean which humans will benefit, shareholders, banks, big corporations,overseas companies like SHELL. How much of the benefits will flow through to the ordinary Joe, Il tell you how much……………Jack Shit……….Our premier Mr Barnett, the poor mans draft excluder is running this state into the ground, sure we have all the saleable energy but who benefits from it, is his cobber Grylls going to get a slice of the gas cake for regional developement? This state is becoming a joke there is no equality here we are devided into categories and regions and the aussie fair go for all is fast becoming nothing more than pure political BULLSHIT.

Government Revenue

Its amazing how certain priorities come to the fore when govenments want to extract money from the public. The easiest target of course is always the motorist there are so many ways to rip money from them if they are not on their guard and seen to be breaking the law. But one thing I find very strange is the seatbelt law, a life saver they say and a penalty for not wearing one is accepted by most of us. One would think in ones own vehicle you should have the choice whether you wanted to be strapped in or not, comfortable or uncomfortable. One doesnt have that choice the decision is made for you and pay up if you disobey the law. Now on the other hand if you choose to go by bus and pay for the service that transports you to a destination then there is no law that provides for your safety, you dont have to be strapped in, in fact there are no seatbelts even if you wanted to be strapped in. You can stand if you wish, run up and down the aisle if you so desire, theres nothing to stop you. Its too expensive to have busses fitted with this neccesary safety equipment, if an accident occurs and you get propelled through the windscreen and injured you can dwell on the thought that you paid for that priveledge. Thats what government is about, extracting money from the driving public by way of fines but avoiding responsibility of safety to the travelling commuters. Most countries have no policy on safety standards for ordinary commuter bus transportation. Strange isnt it.

The Enemy Within

Where are we heading? what road are we going down? if I was a young person I would be worried sick about my future in Western Australia in what is rapidly becoming a police state. Cars are being confiscated without much thought as to the consequencies of hardship to the owners or their families. However if whatever the reason for police and government action is actually working to some wonderful community solution then I guess I should shut up. However a story came to me today concerning a young lady who was in default of a train fare fine going unpaid. She was informed that her driving licence had been withdrawn and all her cars deregistered. Serves her right you may say in sympathy of the police and government but sadly there is a small anomaly in this beaurocratic proceedural enforcement of the law. As it turns out the young lady is blind and has never held a driving licence or owned a car so it does tend to leave one wondering just how many other citizens have had their human rights violated by the beaurocratic keyboard law enforcers since this confiscation law was brought in.

Liberal Party Silence!!!!!!!!!

Anyone notice how quiet its gone regarding the Stern Hu crisis? I dont hear Turnbull shouting at K Rudd to get his mandarin talking hat on and get this guy released. He has obviously been briefed on the situation and has now been struck dumb, he is a fool a boof head, every time he opens his mouth loud noises come out that make no sense and cause more problems. With my limited knowledge of asia trading its a common fact that you haggle and it has been said in the past that the right money in the right places gets results. The money usually travels down the line, everyone get a slice of the cream cake and when someone misses out he/she will blow the whistle. We in Western Australia and all over the country come to that are suppose to be so gullible as to think that the practice of greasing the palm doesnt or hasnt gone on in the past. Are we suppose to believe that it hasnt been part of the normal trading with Asia? and these mining companies and their negotiators are so squeaky clean then they wouldnt dream of it. Give us a break. The poor mans draft excluder “Colin Barnett” our premier on his return from China had this to say :- paragraph from The West Australian Newspaper.
“It isnt simply about Stern Hu but also relates to wider political issues such as Federal members of parliament meeting with the Dalai Lama” he said “It relates to the leader of the Uighur people from the US being over here visiting Australia.”
So finish the paragraph Colin, in your opinion we should ban all foreign visitors who China deem as politically unacceptable to them to maintain better relations and be allowed to trade on their terms. Stern Hu is in jail in China over negotiations that China regard as unethical how on earth can you rope in the Dalai Lama and a US visitor to justify this mess. Youre a fool, you are Premier because of the collaboration with another fool and its a case for West Australia that the “Fools Rule.”
So Colin Barnett wants us to believe that Stern Hu isnt in jail because of something shonky involving Rio Tinto, Stern Hu and chinese mining companies but the Dalai Lama and the Uighur leader has a hand in it.
The only way out of this Colin zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz then we wont have to hear you.