Western Australia Oil Spill Fiasco

Continuing my anxiety over the oil spill off the north west coast I still find myself at a loss why there are no media continuance of concern. Once again ABC radio talk back host Geoff Hutchinson had a lady from wherever talking about the oil spill. How many months is it now ( Im losing track) and this lady has evidently been to the site (if site is the word for it) by now the SITE must cover hundreds of kilometres. She observed dolphins and other sea life covered in muck swimming in the awful place. The talk back host (Im fed up mentioning his name) seems somewhat surprised thats this lady had so much to say about the destruction in that area. Media personnel should be pushing for answers, the other drilling rig is digging another hole to relieve the pressure does anyone believe thats going to work? has it been done before? So we are being told that if a gas/oil field is discovered over an area of say 20 square kilometres and you dig a hole you will get maximum pressure for production and if you dig 10 holes in that same area you will get a drop in presssure and little production. Has anyone thought what they are doing here, they have tinkered and disrupted the planet we live on, call it Mother Nature if you like, everything has gone terribly wrong and this site that is spewing thousands of litres of oil into the ocean and maybe doing it for years to come. Who knows different, where are the oceanic experts why the secrecy. Politicians are saying nothing because of the Gorgon Project so everyone is silent and being very money concious. The Federal Minister for the Enviroment Peter Garrett is saying very little how apt is/was it that he was/is the lead singer for the rock group “Midnight Oil” a good name and one thing is for sure hea has plenty of Midnight Oil to contend with right now. So let someone tell us if it is possible to fix this mess or is the spraying of chemicals into the ocean off the north west of Australia something we are going to have to put up with till the oil field runs dry.

Horse Racing, a whip, and the RSPCA

I listened to a discussion on ABC radio this morning if discussion is the right word for it. Geof Hutchinson (ABC) and a Mr Richard Barry (RSPCA).
The issue was the relaxing of the use of the padded whip in the final stages of a race. Mr Barry was outraged that the racing authorities had relaxed the rules allowing jockeys to use the whip to their own discretion in the last 100 metres if in their opinion the horse has a winning chance. In his opinion, or the RSPCA’s opinion that this is permitting downright animal cruelty. I think anyone with any knowledge of the racing industry and its operations would applaud the decision of the racing authorities that they have allowed common sense to rule. May I say that the stewards that officiate at race meetings all over Australia do not shirk their duties when it comes to handing down penalties for misdemeanors which they think are outside the rules. Not everyone in racing agree with them on a lot of occasions but thats racing and racing would be sad organisation without them. So maybe the RSPCA should take a leaf from their book and take a good look at themselves when it comes to animal cruelty and its prevention. While I was listening to MR Barry’s outrage I was in the Midland area of Western Australia that has an abattior in the locality I was directly behind a truck full of sheep, they looked well looked after and cared for with their legs sticking out the crates not being able to move at all, crammed in like sardines in a can. Thats a common sight in the Midland area and on roads leading to the wharves where they then get crammed onto ships for export and many dont make it. But thats ok Mr Barry, the RSPCA allow sheep and cattle to get crammed onto trucks and ships and forced on by dogs and electric cow prodders etc. But thats ok isnt it, while youre getting your knickers in a twist over the padded whip issue you and your organisation have adopted the use of blinkers to keep your anger looking straight ahead and sticking your nose into an industry that has better protection for its horses than your organisation has for the many other species of animal that truly need your concerns. Go do your job Mr Barry forget the grandstanding and stop trying to disrupt the the industry that is the nations biggest employer. WAKE UP.

Midland Christian School

It beggars belief that a school or parents whose children attend a school would allow the pathetic exercise played in print and photo in The West Australian Newspaper this week. A six year old protesting against the bad language used by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd presumably behind closed doors. This six year old obviously an avid reader of newspapers and follower of media clap trap is so incensed she had to make a public dispaly of herself. Bullshit, her parents should be flogged along with the principle of the school and the reporter that had the audacity to report this crap. The “F” word almost a television must in many programmes and films, The “F” word,a word that has never passed from her parents or members of her families lips. The “F”word, a word that has never been used or spoken by any of the teachers at the said school. This child is so incensed by that word being used by the Prime Minister to his back benchers she couldnt wait to put pen to paper to protest. Give us a break, find something better to print and dont waste paper. Trees are being chopped down for crap like this, the whole lot of you should be downright ashamed of yourselves. As for the WAN its just the norm for them, The Worst Australian Newspaper. I have grandkids that go to that school, God Bless Them, what hope have they got surrounded by morons.

IAAF and Caster Semenya

The Internation Association of Athletics Federations is the governing body that oversees the smooth running and and that the the rules and regulations are adhered to. Thats my assumption, I may be wrong. I also assume that each member has a staff or department of his or her own. So again I assume that if an athlete does have to be checked out there are many that know who that athlete is. In these departments are the staff signed up in a secrecy act? So that the privacy of the individual is being protected? How has the case of Caster Semenya become such a nightmare for that person. She should be able to open her eyes each morning and happily reflect on her achievment, instead she has another day of her own personal problem being openly discussed in the media like she has committed a crime. Who is responsible for this situation becoming so out of hand. What rules or regulations, protocols or ethics does the IAAF have in place for Ms Semenya’s protection. If they have any then where is it or where was it.
My hopes are that some smart lawyer can find a reason to sue on her behalf because in my opinion the treatment that has been handed out to this young lady is nothing short of a criminal act.

SPORT and Caster Semenya

The dictionary definition of the word SPORT……………………
an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.
The definition of theword ATHLETE…………………………..
Athlete (track and field), a sportsperson who participates in track and field athletics more specifically.

Of course these definitions actually date back to the days when SPORT was indeed competition between individuals or teams and were paid little or nothing and were called ameteurs.
Now its about corporate sponsorship and lets get as much money as we can for any commecial outlet from fast foods to soft drinks plus big business’s.
Caster Semenya the South African track athlete ran in a race and won, thats what she trained for and thats what she achieved. Now that the interested sports world accepts and supports drug tests to locate drugs taken to enhance ones performance I wonder how many of them actually support the intrusion into this girls anatomy.
Whats the next step to come from these officials that want to know all about everyone……I have a suggestion to solve any problems arising in the future.
All male athletes will have a card displaying their date of birth, nationality, Facial Photo, fingerprints and photo of their testicles. The card must be signed by themself and a witness to ensure they are actually his testicles.
Female athletes cards will carry the same basic information except they must have a vaginal photo and a pap smear. Not sure how a witness will react to this but Im certain there might be quite a few applications to take on the job.
Seriously this is an intrusion into Caster Semenya’s human rights and a downright disgrace. How far have we sunk and we call this SPORT.

Western Australian Oil Drilling Disaster

Enviromental Groups want the oil rig spill of the coast of West Australia declared a national emergency. Thats putting it lightly, its a bloody catastrophy a diabolical disaster but its being played down by politicians and media alike. This is a disaster that nobody has a clue what the eventual outcome will be. Its taken weeks to get the fiasco in place thats trying to disperse the oil. If a private person dumped a drum of chemicals into the ocean he would be fined and jailed if he/she was apprehended yet here we have so called experts spraying chemicals into the ocean without knowing the consequences. There is another oil rig on its way to drill another hole but nobody knows if drilling another hole is going fix the situation this hole thats spewing oill and gas into the ocean is supposedly 14 x 30 metres and at a depth of at least 2.5 kilometres. Who are these people trying to kid, they have no idea what the outcome will be, the marine life alone will suffer beyond anyones imagination. Premier Barnett says the oil slick wont reach the west australian coast, he knows that, hes smart and knows all about the wind and tides this fool is our King Canute he will keep us safe from the oil. Why is this terrible catastrophy suddenly being kept low key and not given the newspaper spread it deserves. The reason in my opinion is, they dont want anybody that might have some clues as to the magnitude of this disaster to speak out because it might turm public opinion against the Gorgon Project. Drilling under the ocean has now entered a new dimension and the need for more stringent safeguards have to be put in place or banned completely. No offshore drilling should be allowed until this is fixed because the disaster that has taken place here can happen again off Barrow Island and Barrow Island is a safer alternative. The only way we will get the truth about whats going on around that disaster site will come from local fishermen and not our biased newspaper or weak politicians state and federal.