Western Australian Oil Drilling Disaster

Enviromental Groups want the oil rig spill of the coast of West Australia declared a national emergency. Thats putting it lightly, its a bloody catastrophy a diabolical disaster but its being played down by politicians and media alike. This is a disaster that nobody has a clue what the eventual outcome will be. Its taken weeks to get the fiasco in place thats trying to disperse the oil. If a private person dumped a drum of chemicals into the ocean he would be fined and jailed if he/she was apprehended yet here we have so called experts spraying chemicals into the ocean without knowing the consequences. There is another oil rig on its way to drill another hole but nobody knows if drilling another hole is going fix the situation this hole thats spewing oill and gas into the ocean is supposedly 14 x 30 metres and at a depth of at least 2.5 kilometres. Who are these people trying to kid, they have no idea what the outcome will be, the marine life alone will suffer beyond anyones imagination. Premier Barnett says the oil slick wont reach the west australian coast, he knows that, hes smart and knows all about the wind and tides this fool is our King Canute he will keep us safe from the oil. Why is this terrible catastrophy suddenly being kept low key and not given the newspaper spread it deserves. The reason in my opinion is, they dont want anybody that might have some clues as to the magnitude of this disaster to speak out because it might turm public opinion against the Gorgon Project. Drilling under the ocean has now entered a new dimension and the need for more stringent safeguards have to be put in place or banned completely. No offshore drilling should be allowed until this is fixed because the disaster that has taken place here can happen again off Barrow Island and Barrow Island is a safer alternative. The only way we will get the truth about whats going on around that disaster site will come from local fishermen and not our biased newspaper or weak politicians state and federal.


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