SPORT and Caster Semenya

The dictionary definition of the word SPORT……………………
an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.
The definition of theword ATHLETE…………………………..
Athlete (track and field), a sportsperson who participates in track and field athletics more specifically.

Of course these definitions actually date back to the days when SPORT was indeed competition between individuals or teams and were paid little or nothing and were called ameteurs.
Now its about corporate sponsorship and lets get as much money as we can for any commecial outlet from fast foods to soft drinks plus big business’s.
Caster Semenya the South African track athlete ran in a race and won, thats what she trained for and thats what she achieved. Now that the interested sports world accepts and supports drug tests to locate drugs taken to enhance ones performance I wonder how many of them actually support the intrusion into this girls anatomy.
Whats the next step to come from these officials that want to know all about everyone……I have a suggestion to solve any problems arising in the future.
All male athletes will have a card displaying their date of birth, nationality, Facial Photo, fingerprints and photo of their testicles. The card must be signed by themself and a witness to ensure they are actually his testicles.
Female athletes cards will carry the same basic information except they must have a vaginal photo and a pap smear. Not sure how a witness will react to this but Im certain there might be quite a few applications to take on the job.
Seriously this is an intrusion into Caster Semenya’s human rights and a downright disgrace. How far have we sunk and we call this SPORT.


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