IAAF and Caster Semenya

The Internation Association of Athletics Federations is the governing body that oversees the smooth running and and that the the rules and regulations are adhered to. Thats my assumption, I may be wrong. I also assume that each member has a staff or department of his or her own. So again I assume that if an athlete does have to be checked out there are many that know who that athlete is. In these departments are the staff signed up in a secrecy act? So that the privacy of the individual is being protected? How has the case of Caster Semenya become such a nightmare for that person. She should be able to open her eyes each morning and happily reflect on her achievment, instead she has another day of her own personal problem being openly discussed in the media like she has committed a crime. Who is responsible for this situation becoming so out of hand. What rules or regulations, protocols or ethics does the IAAF have in place for Ms Semenya’s protection. If they have any then where is it or where was it.
My hopes are that some smart lawyer can find a reason to sue on her behalf because in my opinion the treatment that has been handed out to this young lady is nothing short of a criminal act.


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