Midland Christian School

It beggars belief that a school or parents whose children attend a school would allow the pathetic exercise played in print and photo in The West Australian Newspaper this week. A six year old protesting against the bad language used by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd presumably behind closed doors. This six year old obviously an avid reader of newspapers and follower of media clap trap is so incensed she had to make a public dispaly of herself. Bullshit, her parents should be flogged along with the principle of the school and the reporter that had the audacity to report this crap. The “F” word almost a television must in many programmes and films, The “F” word,a word that has never passed from her parents or members of her families lips. The “F”word, a word that has never been used or spoken by any of the teachers at the said school. This child is so incensed by that word being used by the Prime Minister to his back benchers she couldnt wait to put pen to paper to protest. Give us a break, find something better to print and dont waste paper. Trees are being chopped down for crap like this, the whole lot of you should be downright ashamed of yourselves. As for the WAN its just the norm for them, The Worst Australian Newspaper. I have grandkids that go to that school, God Bless Them, what hope have they got surrounded by morons.


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