Horse Racing, a whip, and the RSPCA

I listened to a discussion on ABC radio this morning if discussion is the right word for it. Geof Hutchinson (ABC) and a Mr Richard Barry (RSPCA).
The issue was the relaxing of the use of the padded whip in the final stages of a race. Mr Barry was outraged that the racing authorities had relaxed the rules allowing jockeys to use the whip to their own discretion in the last 100 metres if in their opinion the horse has a winning chance. In his opinion, or the RSPCA’s opinion that this is permitting downright animal cruelty. I think anyone with any knowledge of the racing industry and its operations would applaud the decision of the racing authorities that they have allowed common sense to rule. May I say that the stewards that officiate at race meetings all over Australia do not shirk their duties when it comes to handing down penalties for misdemeanors which they think are outside the rules. Not everyone in racing agree with them on a lot of occasions but thats racing and racing would be sad organisation without them. So maybe the RSPCA should take a leaf from their book and take a good look at themselves when it comes to animal cruelty and its prevention. While I was listening to MR Barry’s outrage I was in the Midland area of Western Australia that has an abattior in the locality I was directly behind a truck full of sheep, they looked well looked after and cared for with their legs sticking out the crates not being able to move at all, crammed in like sardines in a can. Thats a common sight in the Midland area and on roads leading to the wharves where they then get crammed onto ships for export and many dont make it. But thats ok Mr Barry, the RSPCA allow sheep and cattle to get crammed onto trucks and ships and forced on by dogs and electric cow prodders etc. But thats ok isnt it, while youre getting your knickers in a twist over the padded whip issue you and your organisation have adopted the use of blinkers to keep your anger looking straight ahead and sticking your nose into an industry that has better protection for its horses than your organisation has for the many other species of animal that truly need your concerns. Go do your job Mr Barry forget the grandstanding and stop trying to disrupt the the industry that is the nations biggest employer. WAKE UP.


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